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CASTROL’S Directory of Marine Services launched online

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A powerful new online version of  Castrol Marine’s comprehensive Directory of Marine Services (DMS) will be going live in December. The new publication will allow customers to get the complete and most up to date information on all ports and product availability offered by the Lubricant supplier at any time of the day, live 365 days a year.

The established paper brochure version of DMS was developed to allow customers to check product availability at each port served and details of that product (including lead time, bulk, minimum order required, etc.). In launching a web-based version of DMS, Castrol Marine has been able to add significant content and capability to the information guide.
“As well as being updateable at any time, the online version of DMS will include greater published availability of products, because supply will be linked to stock points instead of port class, ” says Jonathan Hutchinson, Marine Marketing Manager, Castrol. In addition, Castrol will increase the number of ports offering Castrol Marine’s full product range, which will be clearly visible to customers
using the DMS.
“Furthermore, the DMS will be a single point of access for all up to date Material Data Safety Sheets and Product Data Sheets for all products. The online version offers capacity for additional notes on ports and contact details for supply, as well as the latest information on expected lead times, ” says Mr Hutchinson.
Configured for use on PCs, mobile telephones and tablets, the online DMS is supported by Google maps to guide customers on ports.
For further information regarding the online version of DMS please contact:
Cassandra.Higham@uk.bp.com or Richard.Watson@uk.bp.com

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