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Formosa Plastics Marine Corp. Selects ABS Nautical Systems’ Asset Management Software Suite

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New engagement has potential for fleet-wide development

(Houston, TX—) ABS Nautical Systems announces that its fully-integrated asset management software suite NS5 has been selected for trial by Formosa Plastics Marine Corp. (FPMC), part of the Formosa Plastics Group – the only privately-owned Taiwan oil refinery and the second largest gasoline and gasoil producer in Taiwan. This new relationship marks the entry of ABS Nautical Systems into the Taiwan market and continues its expansion throughout Asia.

FPMC will evaluate several modules from the NS5 software suite through the ABS Newbuild Program including Maintenance & Repair, Hull Inspection and Drawings Management. When making a decision to assess ABS Nautical Systems’ offerings, FPMC was particularly interested in the software’s capability for class integration with the ABS Eagle Survey Manager program.

“With more than 40 of our vessels classed by ABS, integration was key. With this system, we will be able to be in line with the most current class regulations through the Maintenance & Repair module, ” says Chungkai Yen, FPMC Marine Technical Engineer. “We will also be looking to improve our overall efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.”

The ABS Newbuild Program offers owners of ABS-classed vessels built after 1 January 2009 the option to receive the NS5 Maintenance & Repair, Drawings Management and Hull Inspection software licenses at no cost.

FPMC was impressed with ABS Nautical Systems’ Drawings Management module, as the company was looking for a more systematic and secure way to manage their vessel drawings. This module serves as an electronic library providing quick access to a global repository of drawings, images and documents, reducing the risk of damage or loss.

“ABS Nautical Systems is able to provide us with a safe electronic platform to store and access our vessel drawings, ” adds Yen.

ABS Nautical Systems will be mobilizing an onsite team to work at FPMC’s offices to execute software implementation and staff training – an essential process given the company did not have a prior asset management software system in place.

“We are pleased about our continued global expansion with our new presence in the Taiwan market, ” says Karen Hughey, President and COO of ABS Nautical Systems. “From the foundation laid by ABS’ core classification services, we hope to continue to raise the bar for FPMC’s operations through our products and services.”

About Formosa Plastics Marine Corp.
FPMC, part of Formosa Plastics Group, was founded in March of 1980 with registered office in Liberia. Originally, the first chemical carrier fleet was established to avoid artificially force up prices by foreign Shipowners and ensure product competitive advantage and timely delivery. Therefore, it also shoulders heavy responsibilities to marine transportation. Afterward, in order to cooperate with mass materials demand for No. 6 Naphtha Project of the group such as: the import and export of oil, petrochemical materials and coals for power generation plant, the carrier fleet expanded accordingly. The operational businesses consist of carrying all materials required by the Group and vessel rental and lease businesses depending on marine market demand. The ship routes spread worldwide.

About ABS Nautical Systems
ABS Nautical Systems, a division of ABS, is one of the leading providers of asset management software in the world. Its offerings are setting the standard for software solutions that promote cost and operation efficiency for the maritime industry. Through these innovative and customer-driven investments in research and development, ABS Nautical Systems is able to supply its clients with practical software solutions that can have a measurable impact on a ship or offshore user’s operations and business. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Nautical Systems has offices around the world to serve its extended customer base.

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