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Maersk Line, Limited brings the first of two Project Cargo ships under the US Flag

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Norfolk, VA, January 10, 2012 – Maersk Line, Limited (MLL) completed the reflagging under US registry of “Maersk Illinois”, its newest multipurpose heavy-lift vessel. The ship is one of two sister vessels that MLL acquired in September 2011 and which will sail for Maersk-Rickmers US Flag Project Carrier (Maersk-Rickmers), providing breakbulk and project cargo service for shippers requiring US flag service. Maersk-Rickmers was jointly formed for this purpose by MLL and Rickmers-Linie (America).

“We are pleased to see this reflagging process completed, allowing us to introduce our modern ship and bring new value to the US flag project cargo market, ” said Dave Harriss, Director of Ship Management and Chartering at MLL. “We are now looking forward to bringing the second ships, Maersk Texas, under the US flag fleet as we continue to build the service.”
“Maersk Illinois” completed its maiden voyage in Mobile, Alabama where its reflagging was performed. The 19, 600 DWT ship is 148 meters long and can carry 20, 000 cubic meters of cargo. With two onboard cargo cranes with a combined maximum lift of 480 metric tons, she is ideally suited for handling of a wide variety of heavy and bulky cargo such as generators, locomotives, wind and gas turbines, hazardous materials and more. The vessel will make port calls on inducement around the globe.
“As Maersk-Rickmers, we now offer a solution that will soon become the first choice for our clients, ” said Steve Garifalos, General Manager of Sales and Customer Service at Rickmers-Linie (America). “Expansion of the US flag multipurpose fleet benefits project businesses and those shippers needing heavy-lift service.”

Maersk Illinois loaded its first US flag impelled cargo immediately after the reflagging was completed on December 30 and set sail for Ghana with its new crew of US mariners from American Maritime Officers and Seafarers International Union.
Maersk-Rickmers brings together MLL’s expertise in the operation and management of US flag vessels and Rickmers-Linie’s 175 years of experience handling project cargoes worldwide. The complementary capabilities create a reliable service that realizes the efficiencies US flag customers need to compete on a global basis.
For more information on Maersk-Rickmers, please visit www.maersk-rickmers.com.
For further information on Maersk-Rickmers US Flag Project Carrier, customers should contact Dave Harriss (dharriss@mllnet.com) or Sean Carney (s.carney@rickmers.net). Media inquiries may be addressed to Kevin Speers (kspeers@mllnet.com) at Maersk Line, Limited; and at Rickmers-Linie, Steve Garifalos (s.garifalos@rickmers.net) for the Americas and Marko Stampehl (m.stampehl@rickmers.net) for all others.

Maersk Line, Limited
Maersk Line, Limited (MLL) is an American company, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, that provides US flag transportation, ship management and maritime technical services to government and commercial customers. In 1983, MLL won its first government contract to convert and operate five military prepositioning ships. Since then, it has managed and operated nearly 100 vessels of varying types and sizes. With the largest US flag fleet in commercial service, it employs approximately 900 US mariners daily and works with all the major US maritime unions.

Rickmers-Linie (America)
With more than 175 years to its name, Rickmers-Linie provides a global network of liner services for the transportation of power generation machinery, wind power equipment, railway locomotives, yachts and similar cargoes. Rickmers-Linie is internationally recognized as a leader in ocean transportation of break-bulk, heavy-lift and project cargoes. Its technical expertise in stowage planning reduces shippers’ risks and makes loading and unloading safe, smooth and efficient. Rickmers-Linie (America) is based in Houston, Texas and the headquarters of Rickmers-Linie is in Hamburg, Germany.


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