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Videotel’s beginning of the year party

by admin

by Lilian Evgenides

Captain Doug Bell, Mike Compton and Captain Len Holder

Videotel takes the glory for staging one of the shipping fraternity’s  premier event of the year at its Central London HQ’s. Two floors full of the shipping enthusiast specialists in maritime  education and training matters. Videotel is the largest multi media producer of high quality maritime safety training software and materials serving the maritime community today.

l to r Sean Maloney, Chris Adams, Roal Harris and Nigel Cleave Videotels CEO

There was plenty to eat and drink form the variety of English, European, Mediterranean, Far Eastern and Far Eastern cuisine, excellent. And did I hear you say anything about networking? Well I can assure you hat this is the best event of its kind.

l to r, Lilian Evgenides, John Barnes and Loula Mouzouris

Guests and staff mingle together in a very humorous celebration as well as discussing the latest on the crucial issues of health, safety and training of the world’s most delicated industry. Make sure you are updated  s well as your ships and offie personnel on all these crucial matters. Excellent!

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elena kritikou January 15, 2012 - 10:52 PM

seems to be a very joyful event!


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