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Turnkey solutions from Scanjet Group

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Scanjet, the Swedish world leading provider of tank cleaning machines, is pleased to announce the acquisition and subsequent merger with Ariston cargo and ballast control systems, now renamed Scanjet Ariston.

Stavrin Bosnov“Joining the group means the Scanjet Ariston Multipurpose Monitoring & Control System, already installed on over 550 projects worldwide, is now available to Scanjet’s customer base of 3, 500 installations, ” said Stavrin Bosnov, Sales Director of Scanjet Ariston. “We are delighted to have joined a leading global sales team”.Magnus Wallin, Group CEO and architect of Scanjet’s rapid growth in recent years, said: “The Ariston team, products and expertise complete the Scanjet ability to offer customers turnkey solutions from our global network of offices and service partners. When combined with our Scanjet Macron products already used on over 400 installations, the Scanjet range gives our Group the class leading global capability for cargo and ballast monitoring combined with integrated tank cleaning.”Magnus WallinRichard Boughton, Chairman of Scanjet Systems and Scanjet Ariston added: “ “We are very excited to build on the success of Scanjet Ariston ‘Surveyor’ as the tank monitoring control system platform already applied worldwide to the marine market as well as to land-based oil storage tank farms and terminals.. The Scanjet Group product portfolio to the marine and industrial market now comprises: Fixed and portable tank cleaning machines(turbine, air or hydraulic-driven)Cargo tank level monitoring (radar or electric pressure sensors) with VRC & Pump controlBallast tank monitoring (air purge type or electric pressure sensors)Overfill alarms (floats or acoustic)Water ingress monitoring systemsAutomatic oil-water interface detection system for oil/product tanksVapor emission control systemsMPS Antipiracy Systems (passive non-lethal)Richard Boughton

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