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As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)

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Vince Jenkins

Vince Jenkins, Global Marine Risk Advisor of Lloyd’s Register, delivered one of the best papers of its kind at the Augustin F.B. Creuze Room of Lloyd’s Register at the London Meeting of IMarEST – Rina’s London Branch  lunch-time event last week.

Low As Reasonably Practicable, ALARP, has been about for many decades, and is used extensively within UK safety legislation. Today the concept is used internationally, and the term ALARP is now being used within the marine industry. What ALARP is and it’s application, is frequently misunderstood. However, the objective of the presentation was to provide greater clarity of the use of the ALARP concept, this was achieved by reviewing:

  • The genesis of ALARP and it’s subsequent development to what is referred to day as the ALARP triangle.
  • How ALARP should be used, that is demonstrating ALARP, and the benefits of doing this.

Jenkins slides where excellent greatly assisting his paper. Too many questions from a full house- a plus for the event, and I guess this presentaton should be repeated! For those not present we attach the slides presentation; just click on here: RINA ALARP Feb 2012

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