Home Energy PD Ports has been appointed as the main construction logistics hub at thePort of Hartlepool for the Teesside Offshore Windfarm Project –

PD Ports has been appointed as the main construction logistics hub at thePort of Hartlepool for the Teesside Offshore Windfarm Project –

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An arial view of the Port of Hartlepool

Over the next seven months, thePort of Hartlepoolwill be the focal point for all  materials and components to be installed in the new wind farm being developed by  EDF Energy Renewables.

Over 100 people are involved in the  offshore construction programme and will be operating out of the project supply  base established at Hartlepool.

The turbines for the new wind farm will be supplied  by Siemens. Van OordUK, a Sustainable EPC and Marine  Contractor, will supply and install the turbine foundations & sub-sea cables  and will manage the installation operations for the  turbines.

The extensive available land bank and deep water at  the Port are fundamental components in the delivery of the project, providing  dedicated assembly areas for the massive structures with direct access to the North Sea.  PD Ports will also supply stevedoring  support services to assist the loading of components onto vessels which are then  taken out to site, some 1.5km off the shore of Redcaron the north east  coast.

Van Oord’s decision to operate out of Hartlepool is a  boost for the port operator’s Chain Reaction Initiative which launched in 2010  with the aim of positioning thePort pf Hartlepooland the wider region as a  centre of excellence for the European wind energy market.

Paul Barker, PD Ports’ development director, bulks  and ports, said: “We are delighted to be appointed as the main construction  logistics hub for the Teesside Windfarm Project at Hartlepool. This project, which will deliver 27 wind  turbines and produce enough green energy to power 40, 000 north east households,   is the first physical output of the Chain Reaction Initiative and an excellent  result for the region.”

Tim Bland, EDF Energy Renewables’ project manager for  Teesside Offshore Windfarm, said:  “This is an exciting but very demanding  project and we are working closely with PD Ports to ensure that the work  proceeds according to plan. An offshore wind farm requires much closer  integration of design, construction and materials supply activities than an  onshore wind farm because of the additional challenges of operating at sea and  the vagaries of the weather.

“The supply base established at Hartlepool is therefore central to our construction  programme.”

The first wind turbine is expected to be fitted by  late summer 2012 with electricity being generated from the wind farm by early  autumn

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