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Port Authority’s aggresive crack down on toll evaders results in a criminal indictment and multiple civil suits

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Hudson County Prosecutor Joins the Pursuit of Toll Cheats
The Port Authority filed civil suits today against 20 of the most egregious commercial and individual toll violators listed on its Wall of Shame. These lawsuits, filed in New Jersey, represent one of many steps the agency is taking to enforce its new zero-tolerance policy for those who fail to pay the tolls at the agency’s bi-state bridges and tunnels.

Additionally, the Port Authority is continuing to work with prosecutors in both New York and New Jersey to be active partners in ensuring that toll evaders face the consequences of their actions. The agency commends the Hudson County Prosecutor for filing criminal charges for theft of services against Crown Transportation, a company that owes $38, 000 in toll violations dating back to 2004.

Port Authority Chairman David Samson said, “This is continuing proof of our new way of doing business at the Port Authority. We are looking at agency operations top to bottom to reform and improve our performance, to increase revenues and reduce costs. Our initiative to pursue toll cheats is part of our broad reform process–more civil suits and criminal prosecutions will follow.”

“I want to commend Hudson County Prosecutor Edward De Fazio for pursuing the prosecution of Crown Transportation, a company that is alleged to have habitually cheated for years, ” said Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye. “Cracking down on repeat offenders, and in particular those who have egregiously violated the law, will be part of our ongoing and aggressive collection efforts. I commend the Port Authority Police Department for its work.”

In addition to the civil and criminal actions, the Port Authority Police Department continues to step-up its toll lane enforcement efforts to catch toll violators. The Department has made multiple arrests and issued numerous summonses for altered license plates and other violations in the weeks since the Wall of Shame went up on the Authority’s website on February 17.

Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni said, “The Port Authority police are committed to apprehending those who try to cheat the system, and our vigilance is paying off. The ten arrests made in the last month alone send a clear message that the Port Authority will use every tool available to ensure toll violators are brought to justice.”

Currently, 37 companies and individuals owing the agency in excess of $50, 000 in tolls and fees are listed on the Wall of Shame, and the Port Authority plans to take legal action on the entire list before the end of March. The civil suits filed today include the following toll violators, listed in alphabetical order: Dolores Biassi, Fred Borseso, Cardella Trucking, Bianca Cartagena, Citi Limousines LLC, Jean and Peter Davis, Fusella Group LLC, Carol Green, Intek Auto Leasing, Jilver Munoz Transport Corporation, Hisham Khater, Cedric Lake, Longhorn Transport LLC, M&E Baltic LLC, Madison 2001 Inc., Patel Mahendrak, David Redwood, Hatim Said, Sun Transport & Logistics Inc., Verlarde Transportation LLC.

For additional information on these toll violators, including their hometowns and how much they owe in tolls and fees, click here.: http://www.panynj.gov/port-authority-ny-nj.html. For copies of individual complaints, call the Port Authority’s Media Relations

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