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Bunkering practice in the Port of Singapore

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Bunkering practice in the Port of Singapore

Category: Operation Date: 07/03/2012 Area: Asia Further to our Lookouts “Sampling Procedures for Clean Product Tankers” issued on 21st February 2008 and “Bunkering Procedures in Singapore” issued on 24th July 2008, we would like to remind our Members of the mandatory requirements during bunkering operations in the Port of Singapore.

A spate of recent claims has highlighted the fact that in some cases sampling, issuance of Bunker Delivery Note, record of Stock Movement Logbook and record of Oil Record Book were not appropriately carried out as required by the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore and as recommended by the Club’s Lookouts. These inappropriate practices have led to unwanted disputes and resulted in claims.

Reference is made to the Singapore Standard Code of Practice for Bunkering (SS600: 2008), which was implemented by the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore in July 2009 and is required to be observed by all ship owners, operators, charterers, bunker suppliers, bunker tanker operators and surveyors involved in bunkering operations in the port of Singapore. The SS600: 2008 sets out the best practices for documentation and equipment requirements and, verification procedures during a bunkering operation, and it covers pre-delivery, actual delivery and post-delivery checks and documentations.

Members involved in bunkering operation in the Port of Singapore are recommended to reiterate the importance of these procedures to their Masters and crew members. Appropriate application of these practices could reduce potential bunker related disputes and help the Members to better defend themselves if a claim arises. Source of information: www.mpa.gov.sg/sites/port_and_shipping/port/bunkering/bunkering_standards/singapore_standard_code_of_practice_for_bunkering-ss_60.page (source: Shipowners’ Club)

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