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DVB’s sustainable expertise in finance

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Bertrand Grabowski, Wolfgang F. Driese and Dagfinn Lunde

Last Friday’s breakfast at the Quarters Room of the renovated St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel by DVB Bank’s top echelon, provided a unique presentation to the media; in my humble view this was a tribute to Intermodalism!

After a brief outline of the CEO Wolfgang F. Driese, regarding the financial highlights of the bank in 2011, Bertrand Grabowski, a distinguished expert for Aviation Finance gave us an interesting account of the sector with quite interesting slides proving in my view the future which air-travel holds, both in terms of passengers and cargo. Aviation is interwoven to shipping and tourism in many ways and in this day and age one can, by diminishing the risks involved, thrive in many ways. Obviously some innovation and new products are needed, which for sure will open the DVB’s “appetite” to support!

The last presentation by the iconic Dagfinn Lunde, was superb, particularly as he replied to more than fourteen questions from nearly all the maritime press representatives, some of which asked three to four questions each…! Lunde played down consolidation due to the individualistic approach of many in the industry and I fully agree with his views. After all instead of seeing consolidation the industry goes, particularly post 2000, towards the other direction. Oversupply was a bit of a worry to Lunde but at the end of the day his approach of possibly not performing ships in the bank’s portfolio for any reason whatsoever is minimal. Drilling too is a promising sector and the banks fully consinders th good rates involved.

Lunde’s approach is not just conservative but pragmatic and personnel, good trained in shipping personnel, makes the difference. Good slides and graphics complemented his presentation.

For sure the bank must organise further breakfast-style meetings in all shipping capitals of the world.

I guess that War too will boost the banks capabilities and clients position. With five banks at this moment active in shipfinance, and things getting sour, given the 100 plus ship-financing banks a few years ago, one can get the picture of what might happen. Watch this space!

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