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OW Bunker launches global marine lubricants division

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Stathis Grafakos

OW Bunker, one of the world’s leading suppliers and traders of marine fuel, today announced the launching of a new global Marine Lubricants Division. The company has started cooperation with leading brands in Marine Lubricants to provide a full range of lubricant grades to customers, and will look to target further sales to specific target prospects on a worldwide basis. The Marine Lubricants Division will be headquartered in Piraeus, and lead by Stathis Grafakos, who has years of experience in the lubricants business.

Further offices will be rolled out on a global basis over the coming months. The company will provide a full range of quality marine lubricant grades in cooperation with leading brands in Marine Lubricants, including products for main engines as well as synthetic products for special on board applications.

OW Bunker will use its technical expertise to provide customers with a complete lubricants solution, focusing on reducing the total cost of lubricant spend, and focusing on providing customers with the right quantity and quality of product to ensure that unscheduled downtime is minimised.

The company will also provide an advanced after sales support service mainly through an Oil Analysis Programme, a tool that simplifies the lubrication monitoring process, while producing reliable results that helps guide maintenance professionals to make the best decisions for their operations.

“With our unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the fuel market, we have the capability to provide customers with specific lubricants solutions in line with their trading patterns and the type of fuel that they are using, ” says Stathis Grafakos, Manager, OW Bunker Malta.

“Fuel oil is changing rapidly in line with new regulations, creating new pressures and stress for engines, which demands additional protection from new and advanced lubricants. Our partnerships enables us to provide customers with the latest high performance products that can help reduce operational costs and optimise the performance of their fleets, ” continues Grafakos.

OW Bunker’s global infrastructure, financial strength and market-leading status make the company an excellent partner for Marine Lubricants. Targeting ship owners and operators with smaller fleets, OW Bunker’s flexibility and worldwide network enables it to respond quickly to customer demands.

Søren Christian Meyer, Global Sales Director, OW Bunker commented: “The launch of our lubricants division is a natural step for us as we continue to look at every avenue where we can add further value to our customers’ operations. Our continual focus is on helping them to reduce costs, and increase both efficiencies and profitability within their operations. We understand the challenges that they face, and combining our knowledge of the fuel market to include the provision of lubricants solutions will enable us to have an even greater impact in achieving this.”

About OW Bunker: OW Bunker is one of the world’s largest suppliers of marine fuel oil and related services. The Group’s core activity is the global sale of bunkers both from its own physical inventories, where it operates over 30 large and small tankers in its global fleet, as well as an intermediary trader. OW Bunker also provides advanced risk management tools and services in an increasingly unpredictable oil market and volatile global economy, and also purchases and sells entire oil cargoes.

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The Group is represented in 24 countries worldwide, spanning Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas and commands more than 8% of the global bunker market.

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