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Wind and Solar Energy Market in Turkey – Risks and Opportunities

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HAMBURG – The demand for electricity in Turkey is expected to rise sharply in future. Since the government is keen to avoid foreign dependency, considerably more power will be required from domestic sources. Turkey has a huge potential in wind and solar energy thanks to favourable climatic conditions. To achieve the government’s target of 20 GW installed wind energy capacity by 2023, the industry will need to call on the expertise of specialists at every stage from development to delivery.

At the ICCI Conference Dr. Helmut Klug, GL Garrad Hassan’s Regional Manager Central Europe Middle East and Africa and acting Country Manager Turkey, presented a paper examining the risks and opportunities of the wind and solar energy market in Turkey. “The majority of the proposed wind farm sites in Turkey are located on moderately complex to very complex terrain in rural areas, ” Dr. Klug pointed out.

“This means that the collection of wind data for a pre-construction estimate of energy production is as challenging as the construction process, turbine transportation and subsequent site access. Understanding the risks and potential mitigation measures associated with wind projects in particular is vital for all stakeholders in such a project.”

Local presence

GL Garrad Hassan provides a wide range of services for clients all over Turkey and supports stakeholders at all stages of a wind or solar project. The services offered from its Izmir office in Turkey include energy assessments, CFD modelling, project development services, technical due diligence, construction monitoring, project management, tendering and contract negotiation support, short-term forecasting, wind measurement specifications and online data management, solar services, technical operation management, performance verification, power curve measurements, asset management, optimisation services and training courses.

At the ICC Conference, GL Garrad Hassan’s Turkish team advise on wind services and capabilities, and explain how stakeholders can benefit from them in current or future projects

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