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On site seal repairs around the world keep ships out of drydock

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Hydrex has carried out repairs and replacements on all types of seals on-site, and in most cases underwater,   for a number of years now. This helps owners to extend their vessel’s drydock interval and eliminates the loss of time and production brought about by drydocking. Using the Hydrex flexible mobdocks, fast response to any emergency call is guaranteed to locations around the world from the various Hydrex offices.

Since Hydrex divers first carried out an underwater face seal replacement 15 years ago, we have constantly worked to advance the techniques used for all kinds of seal repairs. This led to the development of our unique flexible mobdock (mobile mini drydock) technique which allows Hydrex teams to create a dry underwater working environment around a seal assembly. The technique made it possible to replace stern tube seals in their entirety underwater.

Five years ago Hydrex started working together with manufacturer-independent seal specialists AEGIR-Marine, providing Hydrex with the capability to repair or replace all the major seal types. Since then Hydrex has continued to develop the mobdock technique to adapt it to all possible situations.

The technique has won one of the prestigious Lloyd’s List Awards on two occasions. Hydrex has now received full class acceptance from several major classification societies to perform underwater stern tube seal repairs.

If you would like to learn more about seal repairs or other Hydrex services, visit our website www.hydrex.be or contact us 24/7 for further information. Our technical department is ready to create a tailor-made solution for your specific needs.

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