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Henriquez’s visit in the United Kingdom

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The handshake with William Hague and Roberto C. Henríquez

Minister Henriquez visits the United Kingdom and the Bristish Business sector congratulates the good economic development of Panama

H.E., Roberto C. Henríquez. Chancellor of the Republic of Panama, held meetings with his counterpart William Hague, Foreign Secretary and  Under-secretary Jeremy Browne, responsible  of Foreign Affairs for Latin America. In this encounter, Chancellor Henriquez expressed the good bilateral relations that are being developed by both countries, the strengthening of the ties through this visit and the great economical and commercial contributions by the investments of British companies in a wide range of sectors in Panama.

“On the other hand, various subjects of common interest were discussed such as the cooperation in matters of security; the Double Taxation Treaty that both countries are currently negotiating through the respective Ministries of Economy to create new means of international fiscal transparency; the situation in Latin American countries and the recent transfer of the former seat of the Embassy of UK in Panama, which will now be used for the first centre for special attention for autism in Panama managed by the Office of the First Lady of the Republic, Marta Linares de Martinelli”, he said.

Juan Carlos Espinoza, Ana Irene Delgado, William Hague, Roberto Henríquez and Jeremy Browne

Simultaneously, the Ambassador in Official Mission of the Council of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Cordero and Ambassador Juan Carlos Espinosa, General Director of Foreign Policy held a meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the British government for Fiscal Affairs, Dave Hartnett in which they exchanged opinions on the progress of the development of fiscal issues, transparency and exchange of information by our country.

Ambassadress Delgano at the podium with H.E Roberto Henriquez and Lord Brennan

Moreover under the organization of the Panamanian Embassy in the United Kingdom represented by H.E  Ambassadress Ana Irene Delgado, the Minister of Foreign Affairs shared before a highly attended audience from the British and Shipping business sector in Canning House (British association for the development of Iberoamerican relations), the macroeconomic figures and the excellent economical development of  Panama, accompanied by the steady growth in comparison to the rest of Latin America, in areas such as logistics, tourism and the financial sector. It was also highly emphasized the judicial security that is proportioned by the National government to foreign companies that invest directly to the national economy. All agreed that the most important mentioning by the Minister was that of the new Panama Canal scheduled to open on time in 2014 – one of the greatest achivements of Panama! Quite a great number of questions where heard making the presentation more than interesting following which a reception took place with excellent drinks and dips not to mention that networking was at its best!

Peter Cowling, Anny Zade and George Tsavliris

George A. Tsavliris from the Tsavliris Salvage Group was there, as well as Peter Cowling from Pole Star; Bill O’ Neil, former Secreatary-General of the IMO and his wife Olg; Angus Galbraith and Lucy Luo from FP Marine Risks; Nitsia Ph. Embirikos with Queennie Altamirano from the Panamanian Embassy in Madrid with Juan Carlos Espinoza, the Director General of Foreign Policy of Panama; Special Advisor from FIRST Jacques Arnold, Richard Moir from the Sovereign Accounting Services, Martin Brown from Britannia Maritime Security, Captain Mustafa Kanafani and many others form the Diplomatic Corps and business in the United Kingdom.

Nitsia Ph. Embirikos with Queennie Altamirano

Ending his visit to UK and Europe, Panama’s Foreign Office Minister had a schedule meeting yesterday  with IMO’s Secretary-General Koji Sekimiszu, where the Agenda included the SAR Convention (Search and Rescue), Ballast Water and  the Torremolinos Protocol regarding fishing boats, topics that are under the responsibility of Ambassadress Ana Irene Delgado as head of the Panamanian Mission to IMO. H.E Minister Henriquez expressed that “Panama is the leader and largest ship registry worldwide and it is our responsibility and as part of our economical diplomacy to address these topics with the IMO”.

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