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HillDickinson to re-publish ‘must-read’ mediation books in light of Government pledge

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Rhys Clift

On Monday last week Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly invited business leaders and in-house lawyers from 40 top UK and international companies to a breakfast meeting in the House of Commons to seek their support for a Dispute Resolution Commitment for Business. This commitment mirrors in many ways the Governments’ own commitment entered into in succession to the ADR pledge.

This is one further indication of the importance of mediation in the resolution of commercial disputes.

We are now re-publishing “Mediation in England andWales” in hard copy. The book was first published in November 2010 in anticipation of the implementation of the European Mediation Directive in the summer of 2011. Since that time a number of translations have been made. We are publishing at the same time translations into both French and Italian. These new books contain both the English and the French/Italian text, which we hope will maximise their usefulness.

Excerpts from these three books can now be found on our website >>

http://www.hilldickinson.com/client_services/marine, _trade_and_energy/alternative_dispute_resolution.aspx

Sir Henry Brooke, then Chairman of the Civil Mediation Council, in a review of the original English text said:-

“Rhys Clift qualified as a mediator in 1998, and he has now built up a formidable reputation in the mediation market place. His present book, composed as it is of papers written in 2006 and 2010 .. is a “must read” for anyone who has heard about mediation but has not yet taken the plunge – and for fairly advanced swimmers as well.

It is no longer open to the litigator to know nothing about mediation. His or her clients deserve a modern dispute resolution service, and such a service must include expert knowledge of the different methods of dispute resolution now available to parties in conflict…

April 2011 saw the implementation of the EU Mediation Directive. It saw the publication of a Ministry of Justice Consultation Paper containing a very marked emphasis on the importance of mediation. It is seeing other departments urging parties everywhere to see consensual solutions, rather than go down the slow, expensive path towards an imposed solution. In such a context the publication of this excellent short book is very timely”.

Michel Yahri the President of CEFAREA (le Centre Francias d’Arbitrage de Reassurance) says:

“Dans le document présenté, Rhys Clift, médiateur expérimenté, décrit la situation de la médiation en Grande Bretagneet montre avec brio sa maitrise de la matière”.

(In this book, Rhys Clift, an experienced mediator, describes mediation in Great Britain and shows with panache his mastery of the subject).

Robert Wallis

Hard copies of the English, French and Italian texts are available from Hill Dickinson on application.

The Spanish translation of the text will be published very shortly. Further translations may follow thereafter.

We hope that you will find these materials both of interest and of use.

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