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GAC Bunker Fuels launches customised web-based pricing platform

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Nicholas Browne

LONDON, 15 May 2012 – GAC Bunker Fuels Limited has launched a new website-based pricing and market information platform that enables customers to access the daily data required to make fast and informed fuel procurement decisions.

This new interactive service, which allows ship owners and operators to design their own customised daily pricing page, is available at http://www.gac.com/bunkerfuels
The GAC Bunker Fuels service provides historical data, allowing users to track and analyse market trends. In addition, GAC’s website hosts ship agency details, information on specific ports and weather routing data in order to give its customers all of the market intelligence that they need to make efficient and cost-effective bunker purchasing and operational decisions.

GAC Bunker Fuels is also launching a weekly market intelligence bulletin that will provide insight and information from across the GAC Group, including port congestion updates and bunker availability. Customers will also be able to customise this bulletin to suit their particular needs and interests.

Nicholas Browne, newly appointed Global Director of GAC Bunker Fuels, said: “The process of procuring the right bunker fuel at the right time, in the right place and at the right price can be highly complicated, particularly in a volatile market where prices continue to fluctuate amid a rising trend. These tools provide customers with the data that they need so that they can make the right decision when it comes to purchasing marine oil. Critically, customers can create their own unique buyer profile so that each time they visit the website, the daily pricing, availability and port information they need is immediately available and tailored to their particular needs.

“One of GAC Bunker Fuels strengths is our ability to leverage the power of GAC’s breadth of services, infrastructure and understanding of local markets through our worldwide network of representatives. This ensures that our customised daily pricing platform and weekly bulletin will provide customers with the relevant information and insight that they need to run efficient operations.”

The new service provides GAC’s customers with a uniquely comprehensive overview, including not just bunker market data, but also agency, port and weather routing information, to help them to optimise their bunkering operations and purchasing decisions.

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