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Launch of “The Work of the Harbour Master”…

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Launch of The Work of the Harbour Master – third edition – by The Nautical Institute in collaboration with The International Harbour Masters’ Association

The Nautical Institute today launched the third edition of its book The Work of the Harbour Master, which will act as a ‘bridge’ for those coming ashore to take up a port post. The book has been compiled with the collaboration of the International Harbour Masters’ Association (IHMA). The book will also help those who take up Harbour Master positions, but who do not have seafaring experience; an increasing trend, according to Captain Robert McCabe FNI, Vice-President of the Institute, who launched the book at the 8th IHMA Congress in Cork. Describing the collaboration between the Institute and the IHMA as “valuable” Captain McCabe said some 40 people had been involved in producing the book including the editorial committee, authors of individual chapters and peer reviewers.

“We have had help from those with expertise in harbours large and small, those serving commercial and leisure traffic and from ports all over the world, ” he said.

“All these contributors truly reflect the international nature of shipping and show how complex the role of the Harbour Master is becoming.”

“The role is hard to define, differing as it does from country to country or even from port to port, ” he continued, “and the work of Harbour Masters is often misunderstood”.

The practical guide will support Harbour Masters in their changing roles if they are new to the post or if they are called on to work in new areas and take on new responsibilities outside their traditional areas of operation.

“Even experienced mariners will find that the learning curve is steep as they take the step from Shipmaster to Harbour Master. It is clear that anyone assuming the Harbour Master role, whatever their background, will need support. This book will help to provide that, ” said Captain McCabe.

The book is set out to follow the voyage vessels might make as they approach ports until they tie up, and includes issues such as coping with commercial pressures, environmental and cultural aspects, dealing with the media, security and accidents. It explains the role of the Harbour Master through the stages of this voyage. There is no formal internationally-recognised Harbour Master qualification similar to the STCW certificate of competence. In recognition of that The Nautical Institute has devised a qualification which is recognised worldwide – its Harbour Master Certificate Scheme. The book is also devised to support candidates for the Scheme. Alan Coghlan, President of the IHMA commented that those with the role of Harbour Master may have many different titles, some of which don’t even feature those two words.

“Hence the book seeks to help all those who have taken on aspects of this complex and unique role in ports – whatever their job title may be.

“The book describes many aspects of the job and it will appeal to those who provide safe ports, who organise safe passage for vessels and who are in charge of port marine operations.”

The Work of the Harbour Master is available from The Nautical Institute price: £30; (discounts for members and bulk purchases) ISBN: 978 1 906915 02 5 www.nautinst.org For more information and review copies please contact Bridget Hogan, Director of Publishing and Marketing, The Nautical Institute + 44 20 7928 1351, bh@nautinst.org

About The Nautical Institute

The Nautical Institute is the international professional body for qualified seafarers and others with an interest in nautical matters. It provides a wide range of services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge of members who are drawn from all sectors of the maritime world. Founded in 1972, it has over 40 branches worldwide and some 7, 000 members in over 110 countries. www.nautinst.org

About the International Harbour Masters’ Association

The IHMA represents over 40 nations and extends throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Australasia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. Membership consists primarily, but not exclusively, of Harbour Masters from ports large and small, publicly and privately owned and represents a unique source of up to date, hands-on expertise in a range of port and maritime operations. IHMA provides Harbour Masters, terminal managers, port executives, and suppliers with opportunities to consult about technical and professional matters with colleagues in their region and around the world. www.harbourmaster.org

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