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Children envisage our Planet in vibrant colors!

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1st prize

The young volunteers of the “HELMEPA Junior” environmental program showed us that they wish to live on a planet whose colors far surpass just those of grey and black. This is the conclusion that ensues from the artworks submitted as part of the 2011-2012 Panhellenic Drawing Competition themed:

“Put your touch on the Earth’s painting!”

HELMEPΑ received a total of 248 artworks from 261 HELMEPA Junior Groups of 71 Primary Schools and Kindergartens across Greece. These artworks reflect how children imagine their planet and how they wish it to be.

2nd Prize

This year, the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of the program’s 18th Board of Representatives – which consists of students from the island of Chios, Exaplatanos in Pella and Kalamata, selected the three best drawings as follows:

  • 1st Prize:  to Groups 1841(Β)-1842(Β), students aged 9 years, 2nd Primary School of the Island of Kalymnos.
  • 2nd Prize: to Group 1128(Ν), students aged 5-6 years, Experimental Kindergarten of the Island of Rhodes.
  • 3rd Prize: to Groups 721(D)-722(D)-723(D), students aged 12 years, Iliadis Private School, Athens.

3rd Prize

The artwork awarded 1st Prize is being printed as a Poster and will be distributed throughout Greece and abroad, while commemorative Certificates will be given to each child-member of the Groups that received 2nd and 3rd Prizes.

It is our wish that as our children grow, they maintain their compassion towards the environment and continue to add these necessary “touches” towards a better planet!


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