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Norsafe AS NLH-70 lifeboat on-load release system

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We would like to recommend Members with vessels fitted with Norsafe AS NLH-70 lifeboat on-load release systems to verify their systems are in good operational condition. Following a recent incident involving a Norsafe AS NLH-70 lifeboat on-load release system, the Isle of Man has issued Shipping Notice MSN 042 which highlights the requirements for safe operation of the system.

The Shipping Notice recommends checking that the hook is properly reset and secure. In addition, attention is drawn to the Norsafe maintenance manual and Norsafe Product Awareness Notice, PAN 2011-03. We would like to remind Members that owners and operators of existing ships, under SOLAS regulation III/1.5, that have lifeboat onload release and retrieval systems which do not comply with the new LSA Code requirements must be replaced no later than the first scheduled dry-docking of the ship after 1st July 2014 but, in any case, not later than 1st July 2019. For ships constructed (having their keel laid) on or after 1st July 2014, on-load release and retrieval systems must comply with the revised LSA Code. Source of information: http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/ded/shipregistry/survey/shippingNotices/msn042norsafelifeboatnlh70onloa.pdf

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