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Search starts for new CEO for IMCA

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Hugh Williams

The search has started for a new Chief Executive for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), following Hugh Williams’s decision to retire at the end of 2012 after ten years in post.

“One of my roles as President is to chair the Overall Management Committee that the Chief Executive reports to. I will be working with OMC and Hugh to seek a new Chief Executive to continue his good work, ” says Andy Woolgar, Subsea 7, IMCA President. “As ever, there remains a lot to do in increasing IMCA’s standing, delivering benefits to members and furthering the work programme – an exciting prospect for Hugh’s successor.”

In the Association’s publication ‘Making Waves’ he puts the search into context, writing from what he describes as “an extremely buoyant and successful OTC for IMCA”, he goes on to say: “It was great to see so many members in person, discuss their issues and find where IMCA can help and provide good practice guidance. The attention that the IMCA stand attracted from both existing and prospective members demonstrates a healthy profile of IMCA at the forefront of the industry that is most encouraging.”

It is continuing to raise this high profile that will be one of the important tasks for the new Chief Executive. “We are looking internally and externally for someone with significant offshore oil and gas and marine operations/construction knowledge, with a profile in the industry and wide contacts, ” explains Hugh Williams. “He or she will certainly be an enthusiast with a considerable amount of energy, and someone who enjoys networking. I have utilised every scrap of my experience in this role and learnt a lot of new things too discussing and delivering IMCA and its work to members and non-members all around the world. I have met an incredible range of people who have unfailingly supplied huge support.  It has been a richly rewarding period in my professional life, and I am eager to pass the baton on to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have.

“Our ideal candidate would be at managerial level (or above) in an oil company, contractor, consultant or authority in the offshore industry, or be senior in another trade association.  We now have 23 people working at IMCA and a turnover of £3.5m, so the new Chief Executive should be someone comfortable with HR management and financial management too.”

IMCA represents offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies. With over 850 companies in membership, its secretariat supports the work of various committees world-wide, which is aimed at raising technical and safety standards through the development of good practice guidance, based on members’ cumulative experience, sharing of lessons learned from incidents and representation of members’ common interests to regulators, clients, client bodies and other organisations.

A full job description and application form can be downloaded from www.imca-int.com/ceapplication

About IMCA

• IMCA is an international association with over 850 members in more than 60 countries representing offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies. IMCA has four technical divisions, covering marine/specialist vessel operations, offshore diving, hydrographic survey and remote systems and ROVs, plus geographic sections for the Asia-Pacific, Central & North America, Europe & Africa, Middle East & India and South America regions. As well as a core focus on safety, the environment, competence and training. IMCA seeks to promote its members’ common interests, to resolve industry-wide issues and to provide an authoritative voice for its members.

• IMCA publishes some 200 guidance notes and technical reports – many are available for free downloading by members and non-members alike. These have been developed over the years and are extensively distributed. They are a definition of what IMCA stands for, including widely recognised diving and ROV codes of practice, DP documentation, marine good practice guidance, the Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) – now available electronically as e-CMID, safety recommendation, outline training syllabi and the IMCA competence scheme guidance. In addition to the range of printed guidance documents, IMCA also produces safety promotional materials, circulates information notes and distributes safety flashes.

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