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GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions upgrades Fleetweb to include sea crimes alerts

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Online application now includes sea crime data from GAC Protective Solutions

GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions, the world-leading alliance between the GAC Group and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), has unveiled a new feature of its Fleetweb online application to alert users of co-ordinates and details of sea crime attacks.

This latest upgrade adds a valuable new tool to Fleetweb, which already plays a vital role in providing operators with map-based intelligence about the locations of their vessels and the weather conditions they face, enabling constant monitoring and optimisation of fleet routing and performance. Through its unique filter systems, operators have an overview of how their vessels are performing in terms of speed and fuel consumption, bunker buyers can see on a daily basis what fuel volumes are required, and technical managers can better plan maintenance schedules.

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With the addition of the Sea Crime Solutions, security personnel can now use Fleetweb to reduce the risk to their vessels. This latest upgrade provides rapid sea crime alerts with precise co-ordinates and incident details to allow operators to immediately inform their ships of attacks in their vicinity and along their planned routes. It also gives an accurate picture of the overall sea crime threat at any given time, particularly in high-risk waters.

Lennart Cederberg, Global Product Manager of GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions, explains: “Users are alerted in a highly visible way with a piracy attack icon on the Fleetweb map. This allows them to immediately assess the current location of their vessels in relation to the attack and to take the necessary precautionary steps. Fleetweb already helps owners to ensure safe, profitable shipping through comprehensive weather data that allows them to plot the optimal route. The addition of the sea crime alerts feature is in direct response to customers’ needs, providing them with all the data they need to protect their vessels, crews and cargoes.”

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The new feature is facilitated by GAC Protective Solutions, a partnership between the GAC Group and AKE. AKE’s Maritime Director, Rick Filon, says: “Shipping intelligence, information and education lie at the heart of all effective maritime security solutions and the upgraded Fleetweb service has a big role to play in helping operators to mitigate the risk to global shipping that all sea crime poses. Real-time intelligence like the information provided with Fleetweb is just one of the many ways in which operators can reduce the risk in a cost-effective fashion. Other effective measures we provide include pre-voyage training for seafarers or onboard preventative technologies, such as the latest citadel door protection from Intelligent Engineering (IE) or remotely-operated water cannon systems from Unifire.”

For further information about Fleetweb,  and GAC Protective Solutions, viewers can email smhi@gac.com and  ake@gac.com respectively

About GAC Group, GAC Protective Solutions and GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions

GAC is a global provider of shipping, logistics and marine services. These services are constantly being refined and integrated to serve our customers’ increasing need for competitive solutions. Emphasising trust, reliability and a strong human touch, GAC has been building its reputation in its chosen markets since 1956. Headquartered in Dubai, GAC employs over 9, 000 people in more than 300 offices worldwide.

GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions is a strategic alliance between GAC and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) formed specially to offer a range of customised products and meteorological expertise to help global maritime business achieve increased safety and profitability.

GAC Protective Solutions, powered by AKE, helps protect ships, cargoes and crew from the threat of sea crimes and kidnapping. It combines the resources and reach of the GAC Group with AKE’s extensive experience in protecting people and organisations in hostile and difficult environments worldwide.

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