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The Lloyd’s Register’s Posidonia Reception Record*

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Apo Poulovassilis, Regional Marine Manager, EMEA, Lloyd's Register with his unique welcome smile!

Now this was monumental: in the same place where last time round Lloyd’s Register celebrated its 250th Anniversary with a record close to 1, 000 guests, this year an added 700 lot brought the attendance close to the 2, 000 mark; precisely 1, 700!

Richard Sadler, the society’s CEO, with Tom Boardley, the Marine Director and Apo Poulovassilis, the Regional Marine Manager, EMEA Lloyd’s Register and supported by their Piraeus and London PR and Events teams headed by Nicholas Brown, Kika Lazarides and Annita Patargias, offered us on the occasion of Posidonia 2012 a unique reception to all intents and purposes at the Westin Astir Palace in Vouliagmeni.

Richard Sadler, CEO Lloyd's Register having just greeted Regina Faraclas-Theocharis

Close to the full moon and with an exceptional fine weather, our hosts did their best to entertain us all and break the impulse of the world’s worst recession with a very positive message – see Richard Sadler’s statement in the video which follow this report.

The Hotel’s Catering Management did their best too to entertain us around the lighted pool!

Now, who wasn’t there: Admiral (rt) Thimio E. Mitropoulos, former Secretary-General of the IMO, Andreas A. Tsavliris and his wife Milena, Captain Panagiotis Tsakos with his Commander-in-Chief of the office Vassilis

Andreas A. Tsavliris, Adm (rt) Thimio E. Mitropoulos and his wife Chantal

Papageorgiou and former head of LR in Greece, Leon Patitsas, Lawyer Dimitris Hadjimichalis, Dimitris Melissanides of Aegean, Paris Dragnis of Golden Port, George Maghioros from the C.N. Zachopoulos Consultants, Obidos’ George Papadakis, Dr. Petros Efthimiou, WISTA’s General Secretary Eleftheria Magiafi with Board Members Angie Hartman from Starbulk S.A., George Skrimizeas Allseas Marine S.A., general manager together with the company’s technical manager George Kavounis, Alex Maliaroudakis, Alexander Gigilinis and John Pavlou, managing director from JGP Hellas Ltd.,


Dimitris C. Lyras, Lloyd's Register's Nicholas Brown and Clarkson's market guru Dr. Martin Stopford

At the other side of the pool: Dimitris N. Pittas head of Archipelago Shipping, Captain David Stockley, Sophie N. Cotzias,   Antony Zolotas and Yannos Koenig from  Eurofin, Suzanna Laskaridis from Lavinia Corporation, Takis N. Pappas with his wife, Sophie Zafiriou and Angeliki Xylaki from Maritech News, Anatoli Tsakalidou from A.P & A group London, Michael Baxevanis, Nicholas and Pyghi Skinites, Dr. Christo Constanti-Zarifi and his fiancée Agnieszka Bak, Markos J. Tripolitis, Marina Kintas, Antonis Faraklas, John Dragnis, Dr. Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard the founding director of the London Shipping Law Centre, Elena Sendona and banker Panos Nikoulis,

Tom Boardley flanked by Lloyd's List Liz McMahon and Liz McCarthy

Dimitris P. Monogioudis from Aegean Marine Coatings, the former Chairman of Lloyd’s Register and currently President of Maritime London Mr. David Moorhouse,  Carleen Lyden-Kluss from NAPEPA, Liz McHannon with Liz McCarthy from Lloyd’s List/informa group, Markos Leontaras and his wife, and many many others.

At the end of this coverage we have a small video covering parts of this event as well as some statements form Richard Sadler and Tom Boardley; watch it and tell us your view!


Regina Faraclas-Theocharis, Elena Kritikou, David Moorhouse and Anny Zade

* A record is nothing if not shared. I’m proud of the record but I’m even more proud to be working with the best team in the world (Ellen MacArthur)

P.S. I guess this is the best definition for a record and in particular as shipping is a team-work-shared business, this LR’s Reception record proves how sharing and appreciation works both ways!



Anny Zade and Elena Sendona

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