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GL at Posidonia 2012

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GL Academy Launches Portfolio of Energy Efficiency Seminars

Athens, Greece -What does the introduction of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) really mean? What are the advantages of gas as ship fuel? How can a certified energy management system help to improve your carbon footprint? What can be done to optimise operations? Rising fuel prices and stricter environmental regulation call for action in the shipping industry. GL Academy now offers new seminars on different topics focusing on energy efficiency.

In 2012, GL Academy is developing a broad variety of new training courses dedicated to energy efficiency. Energy savings can be gained at all stages of a ship’s lifecycle. New seminars on Hull and Propulsion Maintenance, Voyage Optimisation and Optimised Ship Handling inform about what can be done to make ships in operation more efficient. Additionally, the seminar portfolio includes courses on ship newbuilding and design, i.e. on the EEDI in Practice and Gas as Ship Fuel. Seminars on the Application and Implementation of a SEEMP or Energy Management according to ISO 50001 cover the management aspect of energy efficient operations.

Since five of the new energy efficiency portfolio seminars correspond to the recommendation of the IMO model course for Energy Efficient Operation of Ships (MEPC62/Inf.39), participants who have attended all of these seminars will be awarded a special GL Academy certificate. It will certify that he/she has attended a comprehensive classroom based training, which covers all topics recommended in the model course. The respective seminars would be Application & Implementation of a SEEMP, Hull & Propulsion Maintenance, Voyage Optimisation, Optimised Ship Handling and Energy Efficient Fleet Management.

“Our energy efficiency seminars have been developed in direct response to market needs, ” says Vice President Susanne Schreeck, head of GL Academy. “We are strongly committed to further developing our portfolio in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection. It is our goal to both inform our customers about potential options and advice how to implement individual solutions.” Customers can select single seminars or combine several courses. Participants will benefit from the trainers’ in-depth knowledge and experience, extensive material and the exchange with other industry experts.

Ready to face not only today’s but tomorrow’s challenges, GL Academy will continue to expand its portfolio of energy efficiency seminars in order to continuously help vessels become more eco-friendly and competitively viable.

Selected seminars:
“Application and Implementation of an SEEMP”, 14 – 15 June 2012, Gdansk, Poland “Energy Manager ISO 50001”, 19 – 21 June 2012, Busan, Korea “Fuel Saving”, 21 June 2012, Riga, Latvia “Gas as Ship Fuel”, 14 August 2012, Hamburg, Germany “EEDI in practice – Energy Efficiency Design Index”, 27 August 2012, Dubai, UAE
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