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World Environmental Day

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The inscription on the kite reads (free translation): All together we can enjoy nature; children of the world unite to live in a clean environment.

The children of the HELMEPA Junior Program convey their messages of hope this World Environment Day

The 5th June (yesterday) has been heralded by the United Nations as “World Environment Day” and aims at increasing the awareness among the global community on environmental issues and urging us all to take positive action towards saving our planet.

Through this significant day, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) gives each of us the opportunity to not only realize our responsibility on an individual level to secure a cleaner and greener future for our generation and the generations to come, but also the power for change we have in combining our efforts for this.

“A shining environment and clean oceans needs work and love spanning from across the four corners of the Earth”

In reading the above message sent by children-members of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program in celebration of this Day, but also through other activities implemented by them throughout the entire school year, it becomes evident that the younger generation is already aware of what they must necessarily do to take steps towards preserving their planet, and that all that remains is for adults and primarily those who hold the fate of the Earth in their hands, to do the same.

More such messages from the children-members of HELMEPA Junior for World Environment Day can be found at the following link (in Greek only): http://www.helmepajunior.gr/dnews2.php?article_id=444 and we hope to have it in English for our international viewers.

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