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RBS steals the opening Posidonia show

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Lambros Varnavides head of Shipping, Andy Georgiou RBS' Coutry Manager and Fotis Bratimos, head of Shipping Piraeus greeting incoming guests

Never ever before a Bank could have a “brigade” of guests in a buffet reception, particularly at Posidonia; but the Royal Bank of Scotland did!

On a promising and sunny afternoon just over fivehundred people gathered in one of Greece’s historic and impressive modern monuments of yachting interwoven with the shipping industry and grandeur: the Yacht Club of Greece!

Lambros Varnavides and his Shipping team meticulously organised this simple but impressive to all intents and purposes reception, few hours before the official  Posidonia exhibition opening at the other end of Attica.

Nigel Ready, John Trifillis, Simon Palios with Nicholas I. Mavridoglou standing

Academics, Classification societies representatives, Diplomats, heads of associations and International Organisations, Journalists, Lawyers, Marine Consultants, Shipbrokers, Shipmanagers, Shipowners, you name it where there.

Excellent food and drinks, great service by the Club’s personnel  and as mentioned above: excellent Greek weather – the ingredient for everything which made the event monumental.

Who wasn’t there… we spotted  Simon Palios, Nicholas I. Mavridoglou and his two daughters Maria and Katerina,  Irene Daifas,  Alex and Phaedon Tomassos, Soto D. Skinitis, Clas Ryden and Charlotte Valentine, Michel Vergos and his daughter Lila, Stephen O’Keefee, Scott Bergeron, captain Stamatis Frangoulis and his son Albert, Roberto Giorgi and Costas Pappadakis, The British ambassador Dr. David Landsman, Kostakis Loizou, Lou Collakis, Anthony Faraklas, Ted Petropoulos and his wife, Spyros Polemis with his wife and daughter,  Sophie Pitelou, David Moorehouse, Panos Nikoulis and Elena Sendona, and many many others.

Lou Collakis with the British Ambassador Dr. David Landsman and Kostakis Loizou

Networking broke any previous record and that’s a fact! The main issue of discussion was the market and market volatility, with few discussing the upcoming  Greek Elections, as well as the Posidonia opening!

We will also bring you a video covering some of the guests views on the markets.



Soto D. Skinitis with SKULD's Charlotte Valentin and Clas Ryder

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