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DHL Express: The International Experts at the service of the shipping industry

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Dimitris Papas

The Importance of experts in logistics; Dimitris Papas, Marketing & Area Sales Manager, DHL Express (Hellas) S.A., writes:

As an expert in international shipping and the global market leader in the logistics industry, DHL, part of Deutsche Post DHL, understands the need for extremely fast responses required when you deal with an industry that never rests, such as the shipping sector. Documents, spare parts and valuable shipments need to travel between the headquarters, ships and offices in no time and they need to be controlled by the headquarters, despite being around the world.

Getting a next day delivery on time many miles away can mean money gained or money lost to most ship owners and when dozens of manufacturing suppliers are involved in your production process, flexibility is no easy task. You need a well-organized approach and daily oversight. DHL has the capabilities, expertise and innovative technology to help companies reduce costs, improve delivery times, coordinate multiple components more efficiently and finally respond to market changes faster and more effectively.

DHL Express (Hellas) SA combines the international DHL strengths with the expertise of the company in local market. The innovation on a global level, the knowledge of local conditions and the experience in custom transportation needs, as well as the continuous training of its personnel, is supplemented by a network connecting more than 220 countries and territories, making DHL Express the leading express company globally for more than 40 years.

The shipping industry is a very important sector for DHL Express, that has unmatched expertise in serving its particular needs, offering customers specialized services that can guarantee a competitive edge to managing and handling of all supply chain needs. At this point DHL is a valuable and indispensable partner to many shipping companies globally, working closely with each company’s executives to solve practical problems, guaranteeing them customized solutions. The above reasons make the company’s presence in the exhibition ‘Posidonia 2012’ a perfect match.

Among the specialized services the company offers is 3rd country billing (for cases of express shipments between two countries, with local billing), best delivery times (frequently under 24 hours) for shipments from/to points of high industrial production and international trade centers such as Hong Kong and the secure transportation of sensitive goods in completely controlled conditions. DHL’s versatile and reliable delivery options range from emergency same day, through guaranteed time-critical next day, to less urgent delivery options.

DHL Express is not only focused on the speed of each delivery, but also on its safety during all the stages of transport. DHL is the only Express company inGreecewith a “self-handling” license at theAthensInternationalAirport”Eleftherios Venizelos”, allowing for complete control of all the shipments, guaranteeing quality and safety from the pickup of shipment to final delivery.

Finally the company continually develops and enriches its range of web applications, offering customers an extremely efficient and friendly way to manage their shipments and access all information they might require, being devoted in growing its customers’ businesses and doing whatever it takes to meet and go beyond our customers’ import and export needs.

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