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GAC proud to support the Day of the Seafarer

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25 June 2012 – GAC is proud to support the second international Day of the Seafarer, taking place today, and to pay tribute to the vital work undertaken by the global seafaring community.

The world as we know it and the lives that we all lead would be unrecognisable without the immense contribution made by our seafarers. With 90% of global trade being seaborne, the chances are that most of the goods and commodities that surround us, at home and at work, in our communities and on the move, were either transported by sea or rely on materials that were.

However, the role that our seafarers perform with such professionalism and bravery too often goes unrecognised and unrewarded, simply because it is out of sight.  That is why the International Maritime Organisation has declared 25 June as the Day of the Seafarer and GAC is delighted to lend its voice in support. As a global shipping, logistics and marine services provider, GAC understands all too well how important the role of the seafaring community is, as well as the extraordinary dedication with which they perform their role to ensure that vessels and cargoes that we all rely on arrive safely and on time.

GAC has a long tradition of supporting the seafaring community, through local initiatives and global organisations, including its long-standing relationship with the Sailors’ Society, a charity which helps mariners and their families around the world. That relationship was further strengthened in 2010, the IMO’s Year of the Seafarer, by a range of practical support and fund-raising activities from GAC.

Neil Godfrey, GAC Group Sales Director Shipping Services, commented: “At GAC, we never take the work of any seafaring personnel for granted.  As small and unseen as it may be, their role is vital to world trade in often challenging conditions, they perform with exceptional commitment and professionalism and it is important to us that the role of these unsung heroes is recognised. That is why we are delighted to support the IMO in taking this opportunity to say ‘thank you seafarers’ to everyone involved in the global seafaring community.”

To learn more about the international Day of the Seafarer and how you can lend your support, please visit www.imo.org/About/Events/dayoftheseafarer

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