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Daniela Ribeiro’s World

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A very touching and sentimental moment: Daniela Ribeiro with her brother Pedro in front of the Earth 1.-

Holding the wheel of Modern Art, the master of the Seven Seas of Art, Daniela Ribeiro at the Alpha Gallery presented her latest work being  the Alpha and the Omega of Cork Street and beyond this summer!

This private view last Thursday attracted more than 250 faithful from the world of arts from all over the place. This artwork from the master of the Seven Seas should, must future on board the cruise ships for the passengers to observe the truth and not the fiction of art’s reality; can decorate any major bank’s or legal practice’s entrance or board rooms; any major seven stars hotel’s lobby to mention but a few places as it can be everywhere!

Titled, “Sun, Moon and Earth, My World” her work on the Universe and her technotropy is more than unique. Her mega pieces come from epoxy resins, oils and acrylics on fiberglass “done” not by the brush, but with the assistance of a hair dryer, saws more than a creative imagination for a proportionate as well as disproportionate spreading of colours. Talking about colours, Daniela reaches the limit of vivid colour exhaustion in a way the colours are spread but equally bound amongst them.

Worth mentioning the sentimental part from an arts point of view as same futures in the catalogue: “Amazing, nowadays, to run into something that shakes up our very essence, that makes us sweat drops of amazement and passion. One of these evenings, I walked into an old convent whose 0ff-white walls had been turned into a huge African sky in which orbited flaming stars that seared my gaze. I felt dazzled, lost in what that Universe, surrounded by scintillating and transparent stars and planets, organised into a transcendent chromatic constellation… this artist has heart in her genes, light in her gaze and beauty in her soul. Her work contains the endless, glittering, majestic African sky!… the name of its major star is Daniela!” (Jose Elvas, Art expert).

Having attended one more of her Cork Street exhibitions two years ago, I believe that the Angolan-born artist knows how to steer her vessel of art though the eternity; excellent wine and coctails in traquile but exiting atmosphere complemented the event.

The exhibition is open until the 3rd August 2012, Monday to Friday 11 to 6 p.m., and Saturday 11 to 4pm.-


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soh July 11, 2012 - 11:22 AM

Dear Admin at All about Shipping,

We are pleased to announce that Daniela Ribeiro’s show has been extended to 17th August, due to the warm response we have received thus far.

Thank you all very much for the wonderful reception and review of Daniela Ribeiro’s stellar collection.

Best wishes,
alpha gallery


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