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Lloyd’s Register introduces MLC 2006

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Elena Kritikou

Piraeus, Lloyd’s Register conducted at its premises in the heart of Piraeus, a  two-day training course/seminar early last week (10-12 July), with a view to introduce and fully analyze the new MLC 2006 convention that is estimated to be implemented within 2013; Elena Kritikou* attended and briefly reports:

MLC 2006 is a means to combat the major problems that are encountered on board in respect to the welfare of seafarers (rest hours, fatigue, wages, accommodation…)

Michalis Sigalas

The presentation was made by Michalis Sigalas, Lloyd’s Register Senior ILO specialist, at the marine business centre.  Mr Sigalas apart from being an adept at every single article of the  MLC code also unraveled his talent in presenting and keeping the audience alert during his speaking.

The seminar covered every single aspect of the convention. Every single article and regulation was explained, analyzed and attendants had the opportunity to take part in some exercises. The purpose of these exercises was to see the MLC 2006 application in practice, examine some case studies and discuss about how MLC 2006 regulations change today’s regime.

The course was divided in 8 sessions

  • Session1.  Introduction, objectives, characteristics
  • Session 2. Structure of  MLC, Articles, Resolutions, Code, Appendices, Certification
  • Session 3. Title 1
  • Session 4. Title 2
  • Session 5. Title 3
  • Session 6. Title 4
  • Session 7. Title 5
  • Session 8. Preparing for inspections

Mr. Sigalas, after explaining all titles thoroughly, addressed some of the challenges associated with the inspection and certification of ships against the requirements of the new convention.

To conclude, great attention was given to important issues like the certification of manning agencies, the structure of seafarers medical certificates, the seafarers employment agreement restrictions, the accommodation structure suggested by the convention, the appropriate rest hours etc.

A very interesting seminar was very interesting, very well organized and undoubtedly left attendants satisfied and with no further questions.

*Elena Kritikou just graduated as a Naval Architect from NTUA.

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