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The IUA’s summer splash!

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MGAA’s Jane Comerford with Mark Geoghegan from the Insurance Insider and IUA’s CEO David Matcham

Last Thursday over 200 guests ignoring the “seasonal” showers – something of the “norm” lately in the United Kingdom,  gathered at the purpose-decorated  Square Mile Bar at the basement of Indigo Hotel in the Minories. John Faraclas was there with his camera…The theme was sporty, worshipping already the London  2012 Olympics and why not! Guests where greeted with a welcome drink and then ushered downstairs at the SMB* where the first entertainment encounter was obviously marketing, – promoting yourself on your favourite magazine cover by having your photograph taken with the appropriate adjustment, facial or otherwise… Testing your sporty skills on the Wii was yet another treat. Barbara was there too with her Tarot Cards – everybody needs a fortune teller these days and rightly so as Barbara* was there too!

Jane Comerford with Bow Wave’s Sam Ignarski

Nice hot and cold starter snacks, a great variety of food too,  but the cocktails and special drinks for the occasion were the name of the game!

WWW …err Wii winners where:  Mark Banham (AXA) Gold timed at 9, 256; the silver went to Adam Cartligde of RSA at 9, 373 and the bronze went to Colin Smith of Mitsui at 9, 454! Quite a big number entered  the Olympic quiz with John Guy of World Business Media winning same.**

A very vibrant summer party with a lot of networking and people realy enjoying themselves. amongst others spotted FOB’s Humhrey Hill, Willis’ John Muir, IUA’s John Hobbs, gtnews’ Graham Buck, my good old friend Colin Smith – Wii bronze winner too…and Nautical Institute’s Bridget Hogan; missed Scott Farley from the hosts, but I am sure Deborah conveyed my regards.

…to whose advise is Bridget Hogan listening…?

Last but not least congratulations goes to Deborah Finch and her team who made everything possible for all to have a great time and hopefuly this will continue  for the foreseeable future.

*Square Mile Bar’s abreviation

**Please log on to read the correct replies: Answers Quiz


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