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The Olympic Flame

by admin

The Olympic Torch Relay with the Crown Prince of Denmark getting the Flame

Oh! Well, given my* bad back and knee pain, it was impossible to apply and carry the Olympic Torch, but managed to attend in my neighbourhood the event, at the corner of Holland Park Avenue and Ladbroke Grove, off the Mitre, close to the Greek Embassy!

Got the ideal position to film it and take a few snap-shots as Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, a well known, runner, took the flame towards Notting Hill Gate where afterwards it continued to the former.. Greek Colony of Bayswater; the flame is here, the Games begin in a few hours. The entire personnel of the Greek Embassy made it down to the junction of Holland Park and Holland Park Avenue to attend and honour the event, together with 2, 000 locals! All pavement wheer full of people and various bands from all over the world celebrating/honouring the Torch relay!  Enjoy and live your Olympic Myth, a reality for many!

*John Faraclas

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