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Theme For World Hydrography Day 2013: Blue Economy

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The Directing Committee of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO, Monaco) proposes that the theme for the celebrations of WHD 2013 will be: “Hydrography – underpinning the blue economy”. This theme is intended to provide Member States with the opportunity to raise awareness of the importance and usefulness of hydrography to issues other than safety and to highlight the economic benefits that all coastal States can deliver through supporting hydrographic services.

The Directing Committee would welcome any comments and suggestions aimed at improving the impact of the annual WHD celebrations. It would also welcome comments on the proposed theme for WHD 2013.

The theme for this year’s WHD 2012 was “International Hydrographic Cooperation – supporting safe navigation”. The IHB celebrated the day in Monaco on Friday, 22 June 2012, so as not to clash with other celebrations that were taking place in Monaco the previous day. The Bureau prepared a media release that was distributed to the local Press. This media release and various displays that were prepared were posted on the IHO web site for use by Member States as they considered appropriate.

The Bureau hosted a reception at the Monaco Yacht Club displaying various posters illustrating hydrographic activities with special emphasis on the theme of this year’s celebration. HSH Prince Albert II was unable to be present. He was represented by Mr Jacques BOISSON, Secretary of State. The Prime Minister of Monaco, His Excellency Michel ROGER, was also present. Ministers, diplomatic authorities, representatives from the maritime industry and other local officials attended.

Hydrography is a fundamental enabler in relation to most maritime activities and increasingly in relation to economic benefits for coastal States through the proper and sustainable exploitation of the sea and its environment. Minerals exploitation, energy extraction, fishing, recreational boating, maritime trade, coastal zone management, seaborne tourism,   are all some examples of activities where hydrographic knowledge, data, information and products play an important planning and management role and thereby contribute to the release of economic benefits for coastal States.

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