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Did I hear you say Skaramanga? The biggest Greek, European and World Scandal!

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This live interview of John Faraclas is  in continuation of his last one dated 27th of July  under the  title: “Greek  shipping matters – the shipyards saga, maritime tourism, the new Greek minister’s manifest and other issues live” in the same TV channel, breaks the impulse…. In all the events which took place at the House of Hellenes at the Carlton Club in London during the Olympic Games events, John Faraclas insisted on this issue and that Catharses should follow asap.-

The name Skaramanga deriving from the noble family of Chiots and wrongly referred in the 007’s series as a bad man’s name, with James Bond trying to eliminate him…will be the buzz name for the Catharses of the Greek State of affairs, as the supposed to be mega scandal of Siemens and others, will look, in comparison, as a kindergarten tale…

In this live interview with Sofia  Rodopolou of SBCTV on 31 July 2012,   with the exemption of a small reference of the London 2012 Olympic Games, John Faraclas insists for the truth, the whole truth  to come out in the case of the Hellenic Shipyards – a big issue lately in the Greek press and beyond  – a hustler for any Greek administration, particularly these days were austerity bites, the penalty from Brussels  is too heavy, the Skaramanga yard as it is known- and conversely the rest of the shipyards in Greece. In his argument via his replies he believes and reiterates past views that there is ample evidence for the Greek State to become finally clean and transparency to shine if Catharses begins from the Shipyards, with whatever the repercussions are for all those involved to this date!

Faraclas also adds some views on the latest situation in the reinstated Ministry to look after the shipping affairs of the world’s biggest sea nation, the appointments of the General Secretaries, the Greek Debt, the Euro; pleased to read your comments.

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Thanasis G August 6, 2012 - 3:20 PM

Well pointed out throughout the Olympic Games parallel events. The name of the villain may not be Skaramanga, but villains do come in abundance in this case, from what I gather


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