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GL Academy completes Portfolio of Energy Efficiency Seminars

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IMO model course topics covered

Hamburg, Germany, 4 September 2012 – The development of further seminars covering all topics recommended by the IMO model course “Energy Efficient Operation of Ships” has been completed: With five seminars on energy efficiency for shipping the GL Academy seminars now offer the full expertise on this topic.

The three newest seminars from the energy efficiency portfolio are “Hull & Propulsion Maintenance”, “Voyage Optimisation” and “Optimised Ship Handling”. The fifth and final seminar, freshly developed by the experts of Future Ship GmbH, a GL Company, is “Energy Efficient Fleet Management”. While the first seminars focused on the operation and maintenance of individual vessels, this one focuses on best practices in fleet management and how to improve fleet planning. “With this seminar, we are delivering the final part of our energy efficiency series which matches the recommendations of the IMO model course” says Vice President Susanne Schreeck, head of GL Academy. “Besides these recommendations from IMO, we have additional seminars in our energy efficiency portfolio, such as “EEDI in practice”, “Gas as a Ship Fuel” and basic and advanced seminars on Energy Management ISO 50001.”

In April 2012 GL Academy kicked off its new seminar package with the first seminar in this series “Application & Implementation of a SEEMP” – a course which has been conducted worldwide very successfully since then. One particular comment received from a satisfied participant – “The seminar fulfilled expectations – we created a SEEMP” – shows that GL Academy provides participants with just the right mixture of technical and practical information so they are able to achieve their goal and create their own SEEMP afterwards.

Participants who attend all five seminars related to the recommended content of the IMO model course for Energy Efficient Operation of Ships (MEPC62/Inf.39) will be awarded a special GL Academy certificate. This certificate proves that a participant has attended a comprehensive classroom-based training course and have been familiarised with all topics recommended in the model course.

As part of its Quality Management System, GL Academy systematically collects feedback from course participants after each and every seminar. This helps it to stay on top of customers’ needs and expectations as well as keeping the overall customer satisfaction with GL seminars at such a high level.

Thanks to small group sizes and an interactive approach to the topics, the trainers hear a lot of what is called “customer’s pain” from the participants during the seminars. They are therefore able to respond directly to these additional requests for knowledge and expertise expressed by the customer and also to discover those trickier areas where more clarification is needed and can be worked out together with the participants.

Selected seminars:

  • “Application and Implementation of a SEEMP”, 17 – 18 September 2012, Kolkata, India
  • “Voyage Optimisation”, 12 October 2012, Hamburg, Germany
  • “Hull and Propulsion Maintenance”, 25 October 2012, Piraeus, Greece
  • “Application & Implementation of a SEEMP”, 14 – 15 November 2012, Istanbul, Turkey
  • “Refit and Operational Options for Energy Efficiency”, 11 December 2012, Madrid, Spain



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