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Fugro to develop systems to reveal and sample resource-grade gas hydrates

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Fugro GeoConsulting Inc., was selected for two research awards by the U.S. Department of Energy to advance understanding of resource-grade gas hydrates.

The first award is for developing plans for a pressure-coring program to sample the gas hydrates that were identified during a Department of Energy funded drilling expedition in the deep water US Gulf of Mexico in 2009.   The second award is for developing methods and tools to better understand the gas hydrate reservoirs through seismic imaging and rock physics.

The Department of Energy calls gas hydrate “the world’s largest untapped fossil energy resource”.  Gas hydrates, also called methane hydrates, are ice-like lattice structures with concentrated natural gas inside that form in the Arctic and in deep ocean sediments on the continental margins.  Resource-grade gas hydrates are high-saturation gas hydrate deposits in sands that might be produced with existing oil and gas production technology.

The research and planning will be done by gas hydrate specialists and engineers in Fugro’s Houston offices with collaboration from Fugro scientists and engineers in the Netherlands. The amount of the research funding is $591, 000 USD.

Fugro specializes in understanding Earth- including marine sediments and their properties, through high resolution remote sensing and direct sampling.

Fugro is a global company with over 13, 000 employees in more than 60 countries.  Fugro trades on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.  www.fugro.com  Fugro GeoConsulting Inc, the recipient of the research awards, is a Texas corporation

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