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GL completes EEDI certification of four Carisbrooke Super Green 8500 Vessels

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Carisbrooke Shipping’s “Vectis Falcon”.

Hamburg, Germany, 11 September 2012 – Germanischer Lloyd (GL) presented Carisbrooke Shipping with energy efficiency design index (EEDI) certificates for four low emission dry cargo vessels. Built by Chinese shipyard Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, the four 8500 DWT sister vessels, the Vectis Eagle, Falcon, Harrier and Osprey incorporate a number of innovative features, including the distinctive Groot Cross-Bow(r).The four vessels, which have been built to Finnish Swedish Iceclass 1A, have been designed and constructed to optimize energy efficiency in almost every facet of operation. The Groot Cross-Bow(r) has been incorporated to minimize vessel pitching and reduce the load fluctuations on machinery and speed loss in heavy weather – resulting in less wasted energy and fuel consumption. The high bow also cuts down on the amount of water shipped on deck in heavy weather. The extremely large and efficient ducted propeller has been designed to work with the hydro-dynamically optimized hull form to match the performance of similar vessels with significantly reduced power requirements. As a result of this a derated 2400 kW main engine has been fitted which further reduces exhaust emissions & fuel consumption.

“At GL we see the EEDI as a powerful driver of innovation within the maritime industry, both in terms of shipyards and designers focusing more on energy efficiency and taking advantage of new computational tools and ship owners who now have a clear guide to rely on in ordering new ships, “ said Dr Pierre C. Sames, SVP Research and Rule Development of GL Maritime Services. “Our calculations show that these new vessels are some 30% below the reference EEDI line, which is a reflection of the commitment that Carisbrooke has made to invest in an extremely efficient vessel.”

As well as the focus on propulsive efficiency the vessels have equipment and operational features that have been included to further reduce their environmental impact. The two 80t cranes are fully electric and use 30% less power than similar sized electro-hydraulic cranes, all winches on the vessels are also electric – further reducing power consumption and the risks of pollution. The sterntubes are water lubricated and the oils used above decks are fully biodegradable.

“Carisbrooke Shipping has always been proud of the vessels that we have built and with our new super green 8500 vessels we have never been more so. Since entering service the ships have proven to be extremely efficient and we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint, “ said Simon Merritt, Technical Manager Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd. “The fuel savings and shorter passages are always attractive to charterers and the eco-efficiency of the vessels really is a credit to the company and those who have been involved. Carisbrooke shipping will continue to look into new ways to ensure that their ships remain at the top of the Premier League of Environmentally Friendly Low Emission ships.”

“Our goal at Groot Ship Design is to design and optimize the complete vessel together with the owner intensively; we call it ‘Co-Creation in Shipdesign’. Working together with all the parties involved, like classification society GL, research institutes and the manufacturers of the main and auxiliary engines and propeller, we are able to deliver the design which best fit the owner’s requirements, “ said Jan Willem Cuperus, spokesman for Groot Ship Design.

“We are very pleased the final vessels show the very positive EEDI and prove the results from the calculations and tests we made during the design. We are sure these vessels will set the benchmark in this market segment giving Carisbrooke an advantage compared to others.”

The EEDI, which will come into force in 2013, seeks to spur design innovation in ship building, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Certification acts not only as a good signifier of the vessel’s efficiency and quality but can serve a useful benchmarking function for comparing vessels within a fleet.

About Carisbrooke Shipping

A privately owned shipping company based in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, Carisbrooke Shipping currently owns and operates around 60 modern dry cargo vessels, ranging from 3, 000 dwt up to 20, 000 dwt. In addition to vessel ownership, commercial management, and the provision of technical ship management services, they also perform shipbroking, agency activities, and newbuild supervision.


About Groot Ship Design

Groot Ship Design is a dynamic design and engineering company with a hands-on mentality typical for the Dutch shipbuilding industry, the motto is “Co-Creation in Shipdesign”. The people working in the company have gained their experience on shipyards and design offices all over the world, in different projects and on different kind of vessels. Groot Ship Design is working from two locations in Europe, Leek in the Netherlands and Stettin in Poland and is able to deliver not only designs but complete engineering packages as well. This advantage will guarantee a complete fitting package for owner or shipyard without surprises and within the budget


About Germanischer Lloyd

Germanischer Lloyd (GL) offers classification services of plan approval, inspection and certification of materials and components as well as technical assessments of ships in service. Its “Maritime Solutions” unit supports customers around the world through software solutions, management systems certification and training as well as consulting and engineering services. GL’s experts serve as advisors to governments, the IMO, flag and port states. The group is committed to a smarter, safer and greener future of shipping.


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