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Mobile Siwertell unloaders meet multipleport needs

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The Siwertell road-mobile unloaderis a perfect choice for clean, dust-free, handling of dry bulk material

10 SEPTEMBER 2012 AT 10 AM (EEST)   New mobile Siwertell units have been orderedfrom Cargotec to meet the specific needs of three ports; all will benefit from high-capacity, dust-free bulk handling operations and low noise levels, ensuring minimal environmental impact  

Over the past four months Cargotec has secure dorders for three new mobile Siwertell ship unloaders for ports in Turkey, Denmark and Sweden, confirming its leading position as an advanced bulk-handling technology provider.

“Cargotec has delivered more than 300Siwertell units worldwide, 100 of which are mobile systems, “ says Jörgen Ojeda, Cargotec Sales Director. “Clients recognise our experience and the well-respected Siwertell mobile unloader technology.”  

He adds: “The Siwertell road-mobile unloader is a perfect choice for clean, dust-free, handling of dry bulkmaterial. Its unique design makes the Siwertell unloader one of the most environmentally-friendly shore-based ship unloading systems available. Dust-free handling, and low energy consumption, along with minimal exhaust and sound emissions also mean that it has the advantage of being able tobe used in sensitive sites or those close to populated areas.”  

The first of these new orders has now been commissioned and sees a diesel-powered, trailer-based Siwertell 10 000 S unit with a dual bellows system and dust filters in operation for Muhammet Gümüstas, in Trabzon, Turkey. The new unit handles cement at a rated capacity of 300t/h.

“The mobile Siwertell unloader was originally designed for handling cement, so it is naturally perfect for the job. Withits enclosed conveying line, this system is also environmentally-friendly as it ensures dust-free and high-capacity unloading operations, “ explains Mr Ojeda.   A similar unit is due to be commissioned for Aalborg Portland in Aalborg, Denmark. It will handle fly ash at a ratedcapacity of 250t/h.

“For this installation, a mechanical solution was preferred by the client as it had to be smoothly integrated into an existing mechanical receiving system at the jetty.”   He adds: “Low maintenance and operational costs of the mobile Siwertell unloader, combined with a high unloading capacity, will also ensure cost-efficient operations for Aalborg Portlandfor a long time to come.”  

This Siwertell 15 000 S unit in Spain, is similar to the one ordered by Fortum Värme

The third order is for an electrically-powered, gantry-based, ATEX-classified Siwertell 15 000 S unit. It will be commissioned by the end of next year for Fortum Värme, which is co-owned by the City of Stockholm, Sweden.   The unloader will be installed in Stockholm and has a rated capacity of 330t/h. It will handle biomass including olive kernels, wood pellets, and wood briquettes. It will also be equipped with tube sleeves and noise hoods to minimise noise pollution.

“For this contract, our focus is to deliver an unloader with the required capacity, minimal dust emissions and low noise generation.”   Fortum Värme is the Swedish part of Fortum Heat Scandinavia, which produces district heating, district cooling and electricity in combined heat and power plants. Fortum Värme is buildinga new fuel handling facility, Energihamnen, in Gothenburg, so that it will be able to increase the amount of biofuels in Värtaverket, Stockholm.”An important part of the company’s plan is to invest up to 15 billion SEK in new combined heat and power plants, as its goal is to provide resource and climate neutral district heating by 2030; our Siwertell units will be an integral part of this, “ Mr Ojeda says.

Cargotec improves the efficiencyof cargo flows by offering solutions for loading and unloading goods onland and at sea – wherever cargo is on the move. For handling dry bulkmaterials, Cargotec provides engineering solutions through its Siwertellbrand, including design, installation and after sales services worldwide.Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders are based on unique screw conveyortechnology, in combination with belt conveyors and aeroslides, and canhandle virtually any dry bulk cargo, such as coal, cement, fertiliser, agribulk, clinker, sulphur and grain. Cargotec can supply plant and terminaldesign, ship unloaders, ship loaders, mobile ship unloaders, mechanicaland pneumatic conveying systems, and storage solutions, all designed toensure environmentally-friendly and efficient cargo operations. www.siwertell.com

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