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GL Garrad Hassan at HUSUM WindEnergy 2012: Meet the Experts: GL Garrad Hassan presentations at HUSUM 2012

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Hamburg/Germany, 14 September 2012 – For 25 years the HUSUM WindEnergy conference has been attracting international experts and decision makers from the wind energy industry, giving them the opportunity to discuss new technologies, innovative products and future market trends. GL Garrad Hassan will be at HUSUM WindEnergy 2012, with experts giving presentations at GL Garrad Hassan’s exhibition stand 2G03, hall 2.

GL Garrad Hassan Presentations at HUSUM WindEnergy 2012:

Erik ter Horst, Principal Engineer Offshore Title: ‘Cost of energy of Floating Wind’ 18th September 2012, 3.00 pm Stand 2G03, hall 2

The offshore wind industry is starting to realise that floating foundations are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to fixed foundation structures. Recent developments in floating wind include up-scaling from current 2 – 2.5 MW to 5 – 7 MW turbines, development of intelligent control algorithms, optimisation of the hull structure and mooring legs design, design for smaller water depths and increasing efficiency of the marine operations for installation and maintenance. These developments are rapidly decreasing the cost of floating wind energy.


Tony Mercer, Head of Turbine Engineering Control Title: “Turbine mounted LIDAR to improve wind turbine control” 19th September 2012, 11.00 am Stand 2G03, hall 2

An independent study carried out by GL Garrad Hassan has illustrated that previewing information about approaching wind fields can improve wind turbine control using LIDAR systems. The study used detailed analytical methods to evaluate the likely benefits and advise LIDAR manufacturers about the most useful LIDAR characteristics. Many different LIDAR configurations were compared; with at least 10 well-distributed points sampled every second and a few seconds’ look-ahead time, collective pitch control can be enhanced to reduce fatigue loads significantly. Some extreme loads might also be reduced. LIDAR-assisted individual pitch control, optimal Cp-tracking, power performance verification and yaw control were also investigated, but the benefits over conventional methods are less clear.


Jonathan Collins, UK Team Leader, Forecasting Title: “Taking the guesswork out of wind power forecasting” 20th September 2012, 3.00 pm Stand 2G03, hall 2

Possible ways of predicting the power output of a wind farm or portfolio of wind farms will be demonstrated in this presentation. It will investigate the performance of some very simple models, very close to guessing, and then take a tour through various levels of sophistication to where we currently are with regard to the state of the art. The potential economic benefits to owners, operators, utilities and society at large will also be discussed.  The presentation will finish off by looking at what is and what the future will hold for wind power forecasting. Examples of performance from real operating wind farms will be used throughout.


Kevin Herrling, Project Engineer, EMC/EMF/Power Quality Title: “High frequent electromagnetic fields on wind turbines” 21st September 2012, 3:00 pm Stand 2G03, hall 2

The present design of modern wind turbines boosts the emission of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves have a large range of several hundred kilometres and can disturb important telecommunication services. Surveillance authorities can put wind turbines out of service, just because of illegal emission. A statement of compliance to the relevant emission standards would prevent this. This can easily be estimated with a time-efficient on site EMC-measurement. If an onsite test resulted in a positive result, an accredited test report could attest that the emission is below the limits. The presentation provides an overview of legal requirements, current standards, test setups, measurements and discusses how to handle the EMC issue.


Visit GL Garrad Hassan at HUSUM WindEnergy 2012 at exhibition stand no. 2G03, hall 2. GL Garrad Hassan will be hosting a beer reception on Thursday 20 September, from 6pm at stand 2G03, hall 2.

GL Garrad Hassan press contact at HUSUM WindEnergy 2012: Steffi Goessling, mobile +49 162 13 57 745, steffi.goessling@gl-group.com


About GL Garrad Hassan GL Garrad Hassan is one of the world’s largest renewable energy consultancies and a recognised technical authority on the subject. It offers independent technical and engineering services, products, and training courses to the onshore and offshore wind, wave, tidal and solar sectors. For more information on GL Garrad Hassan, please visit www.gl-garradhassan.com

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