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GL RC at Husum WindEnergy 2012

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(from left to right): At Husum WindEnergy 2012, Mike Woebbeking, GL RC, and Reinhold Heller, GL RC, presented a certificate to Dr Knud Rehfeldt, Deutsche WindGuard, Johannes Wolniakowski, Deutsche WindGuard, Cornelia Jaeger, Deutsche WindGuard.

Deutsche WindGuard’s training complies with GWO Basic Safety Training

Husum, September 2012 – The “COAST” (Customized Offshore Awareness and Safety Training) training course from Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH, Bremerhaven has been certified by GL Renewables Certification (GL RC), according to the GL RC standard. In addition, it demonstrates that the course fulfils the requirements of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). The training course includes first aid, manual handling, fire awareness, working at height, and sea survival modules.

The certificate was presented to Dr. Knud Rehfeldt and Johannes Wolniakowski of Deutsche WindGuard at Husum WindEnergy 2012. The company offers training courses for offshore safety. “We offer tailor-made safety courses in one of Germany’s most advanced Maritime Safety Training Centres, “ explains Dr. Knud Rehfeldt of WindGuard.
“The demand for safety training is increasing with the expansion of offshore wind energy, “ said Reinhold Heller, GL RC’s Expert for Training Certification. “Certification according to GL RC standards confirms that participants can expect to receive training of high quality, expertly performed. GL RC’s standard sets out the fundamental prerequisites for efficient training, such as proper organisation of the training course, careful documentation and high-quality teaching equipment and materials.”
An updated version of the GL RC guideline for training courses will be published at the end of 2012.
About Deutsche WindGuard

Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH is member of the Deutsche WindGuard Group, one of the leading consulting companies in the wind energy industry. Headquartered in Varel, Germany, with 120 employees, it is a fast growing international company providing a broad range of engineering services in all areas of wind energy utilisation, from site assessment issues to the complete surveying of wind turbines for on and off-shore. In addition, Deutsche WindGuard Offshore offers tailor made safety training courses for personnel working on wind turbines and consulting for the offshore wind industry.

About GL Renewables Certification

GL Renewables Certification has issued guidelines which cover testing conditions, safety systems and quality requirements, for both onshore and offshore installations, in a variety of technical fields. For owners, manufacturers, operators, supplier firms, investors, banks and insurance companies alike certification is an important prerequisite for safe, reliable and highly productive facilities. GL Renewables Certification has offices in Germany, the U.S., Canada, India and China, and employs 185 people worldwide. For further information, please visit http://www.gl-group.com/glrenewables

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