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Hi-tech training unit to revolutionise maritime safety training

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EOS Risk Management Live Fire Training Unit a

A top maritime security company has launched a unique new training facility to help maximise ship safety in the event of a fire. Staffordshire-based Eos Risk Management has unveiled its £100, 000 Live Fire Training Unit, which stands at over 6 metres and simulates real life ship environments and fire conditions.

The unit is split into four internal compartments with each specifically designed to imitate a real life fire in an engine room and galley area on the top level, and a search and rescue scenario in a store room and bunker room below. Temperatures will soar to 300 degrees. Eos is using the same certified PPE clothing, equipment and Dräger breathing apparatus that is issued to our national fire service. Water hoses, nozzles and pumps meet the same standard as the fire brigade.

EOS Risk Management Live Fire Training Unit Team 1

The Chief Fire Officers Association stated earlier this year that there are approximately 35 fires on vessels at sea within UK territorial waters reported to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) annually. Some of these incidents involve ships with over 500 people on board. Eos sees the investment in the Training Unit as essential to their industry. “I was working on a project a few years ago on a super yacht which had an onboard fire, ” said David Johnson, Eos Managing Director. “We had to contain the fire and mobilise the ship to the Yemen coast for safety, both scenarios posed very risky implications at the time.”

Training is now in progress at the Unit – a team of nine learners became the first to be certified mid September and weekly courses are currently scheduled. Anyone active in the maritime security and wider marine and offshore industry can benefit from the Live Fire Training Course and Eos intend to offer as many sessions as necessary to meet demand. David added: “We will be making the Unit and training team available for corporate team operations.”

For inquiries viwers can contact Eos headquarters on 01782 283323.

Eos reinvest a large percentage of profit back into improving training facilities, contract processes and personnel kit. Eos is securing new contracts overseas on a weekly basis and also trains more than 400 candidates each year. Founded six years ago to help ex-military personnel make the transition into the security industry, the company diversified into supplying the services of fully-trained operatives as well.

For more information about Eos Risk Management, viewers can visit www.eosrisk.com

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