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Freight and logistics workers step up action in South Africa

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Photo: Darrel Brandon

Freight and logistics workers in South Africa have last announced plans to consolidate industrial action after employers refused to meet their pay demands.

The workers, represented by the ITF-affiliated South African Transport and Allied Workers’ Union (Satawu) failed to win an agreement with employers at the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI) over pay. The employers include global delivery firms such as DHL, TNT, Fedex and UPS as well as other companies.

To date, negotiations have ended in deadlock, with employers offering wage increases far short of the workers’ demands.   Satawu members are currently engaged in picketing at various workplaces and union local offices. They will also be marching in Durban from Botha park up to City Hall to hand over a memorandum announcing a continuation of the dispute to NBCRFLI officials.

Tabudi Ramakgolo, Satawu’s national freight and logistics coordinator commented: “All parties have reached a deadlock and none of them are participating in any talks at the moment. We will use this opportunity to mobilise all our members and encourage them to unite in a clear purpose of putting as much pressure as possible on the employers to revert back to the negotiations table. We intend to ignite further sympathy and solidarity strikes from our members in sectors such as maritime and freight rail in an effort to ensure that no goods and parcels move till the road freight workers’ demands are fully met.”

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