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Shipcare Marine Consultants latest…

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SHIPCARE MARINE CONSULTANTS were involved in another interesting project on 28-29 September. The offloading of the Jack Up Oil Rig B-319 which arrived at the port of Kavala Greece all the way from Singapore, onboard the heavy Lift vessel XIANG YUN KOU of COSCO.

The Oil rig had to be offloaded from the Heavy Lift vessel and prepared for towing through Bosporus to the Black Sea where she will operate in the oil fields in UKRAINE. SHIPCARE MARINE CONSULTANTS were appointed to inspect the Rig and the towing Tugs and prepare the required documentation and issue a Towing Certificate as required by the local port Authorities in order to allow the towing of the Rig to the destination.

This is not an easy task as tedious calculations have to be carried out to calculate the Bollard Pull required for the towing and the suitability of the Towing tug. Also the stability and seaworthiness and Safety of the Oil Rig had to be checked. All went very smooth, first two tugs from VERNICOS fleet slowly moved the Rig away from the Heavy Lift vessel and then the Giant tug  MAGNUS was connected for the tow and the Oil Rig commenced its voyage to destination.

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