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Chios, Greece: Our Response to the fires

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Tears of Mastic; photo by Efi Syrviti

Working together for a better Chios

Following the unprecedented and despicable fires last August on the Greek Island of Chios in Eastern Aegean, an International Congress is being organized by the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation, which is the International Centre of Maritime Research and Tradition N.G.O., at the Homerion Cultural Centre of Chios and at the Maria Tsakos Foundation in Chios on the 15th  and 16th  October.

The event in under the auspices of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine and the Aegean and it is in cooperation with the Municipality of Chios and the Regional Unit.

Viewers can read the program at the end of this text, which has four interesting sessions: “Chios and the fires”; “A scientific approach to the fires: the Chios case”; “Measures of rehabilitation from Chios’ fires”; and “Response to the fires in the middle and long term future”.

Worth mentioning that the immediate response of the shipping, seafaring and diaspora communities and in particular the Chian one, which brings together high caliber experts from all over the world, is yet an additional  response to those “prosecuting” the Greek shipping and its benefactors, within and outside Greece.

www.allaboutshipping.co.uk  has extensively reported to the fires and the charitable movement organized from London in saving the unique mastiha plant  (Pistacia lentiscus var.chia),  which only grows and produces mastic resin only on the island of Chios! Please see our reference n the 28th of August 2012 in this site: CHIOS NATURE calls for immediate action after the fires”. We have also refered to the “Orchids of Chios, Inouses and Psara” on the 9th of January 2012; do please log on and read about this unique plants!

Prior to this Congress, on Sunday the 14th of October, Captain Panagiotis N. Tsakos and the Maria Tsakos Foundation will host an exhibition at the Foundation’s Mansion premises to mark the Centenary of the Chios Liberation from the Ottomans in 1912.

Viewers can log on and read the Programme: The Programme in English final 4-10-2012 (1)

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