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Cargo Positive emissions management programme data to be verified by Lloyd’s Register

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Helena Athoussaki

Ensuring data transparency of Carbon Positive Programme for Ships (CPPS)

 Carbon Positive has signed an agreement with Lloyd’s Register, one of the world’s leading classification societies, to provide independent verification of data for the CPPS member vessels. This process concerns verification on a limited level of assurance of data and calculations reported during the first two phases of the programme, the phase of determining the baseline and creating a carbon management strategy and the phase of developing Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) and monitoring the effectiveness of the energy efficiency improvement plans.

Limited level of assurance verification means a limited degree of scrutiny and sampling that nevertheless aims to conclude that nothing has come to attention that causes the verifier to believe that the reported data and calculations were not reliable and supported by effective data management systems.

Independent verification publicly demonstrates the member company’s commitment to transparency in operations and performance, provides stakeholders and senior management with increased confidence in the accuracy and completeness of data and  helps identify opportunities for improvements, generating cost benefits and commercial advantage.

Helena Athoussaki, CEO, Carbon Positive, said: “Demand for our programme is continuing to build as more ship owners look to take a holistic approach to emissions management. Mitigating environmental impact is increasingly being included into the operations of existing ships to help reduce carbon footprint and decrease the risk of non-compliance with possible future environmental legislation. This makes ensuring best practice standards of transparency throughout this process for our members very important. There is a direct link between sustainability and commercial success and having this process and the measurement behind it, verified by leading industry classification societies like Lloyd’s Register, will ensure that the assurance statements our members receive upon achieving these reductions become commercial assets.”

Stavros Meidanis, LRQA-Marine Business Centre Manager, Lloyd’s Register, commented: “Independent verification of the data and calculations reported can add value to the CPPS programme members and the shipping industry as a whole. We are committed to ensuring transparency on measurement and monitoring of carbon emissions within best practice parameters, which is critical to the shipping industry at a time when further regulation is looming and sustainability becomes ever more fundamental to commercial success.”

About Carbon Positive

Carbon Positive is a maritime carbon emissions consultancy that supports the shipping industry to become efficient and competitive, prepare for future regulation and contribute in the fight against climate change.

Carbon Positive’s mission is to respond to this need by engaging shipping companies to join the Carbon Positive Programme for Ships (CPPS), a standardised carbon management programme with a valuable independently verified certification scheme.

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