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World Shipping latest: Too many issues at stake; others still hanging on and Greece still on turmoil…

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John Faraclas’ latest live interview on SBC TV to Panos Thomakos last Friday the 2nd of November, dealt with the following issues:

The Markets

  • The freight markets where the BDI couldn’t go over the 1, 000 mark. All indices are down!
  • The affect/effect of changes in China’s political landscape – things might change…
  • The elections in the US with whatever this entails

The 2nd Capital Link Annual Shipping & offshore CSR Forum and whether CSR is a Luxury or Necessity? This successful event will be the beginning of positive changes in the field.

The Greek Coastal Shipping saga and the way Europe and the respective commissioner’s thinking. The terms and conditions of Greece’s seafarers contract of engagement. The comparison of Greece’s mainland citizens versus the islanders. The “Express Skopelitis” case in island hopping in the small Cyclades. Indeed Greece’s coastal seafarers have rights, but equally, flexible contracts to all intents and purposes with appropriate terms will save the day. There are proper arguments from both sides, but logic and pragmatism should prevail.

The issue that successive Greek Administrations have failed to short out Greek Coastal shipping’s issues/problems for decades.

The issue of the Greeks and their Administrations in recognising and accepting the truth vis-à-vis the beneficial shipping laws in bringing ships under the Greek flag under Law 89 of 1967! How many nations try to attract Greek beneficial owned ships under their banner.

His experiences as an aide to the Minister of Shipping Affairs, Islands and the Fisheries and the shameful attitude of the then regime (Sept 2010 to January 2011)…

The way Greek people re wrongfully accused for the state Greece stands, whilst all this mess was brought by the politicians who should bear he stigma of destroying and creating a bankrupt  state

Will revert soon with the translation.

Greek speaking viewers can click on here and listen the video here:

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