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Marine Tankscape offers automated on-board tank reading certificates for 7 gases

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Martek Marine has released Marine Tankscape, a new gas monitoring system for tankers and reefer vessels which removes the need for seafarers taking hand notes on deck by producing a certificate for Port State Control and other inspectors as well as storing the information for download. The new Marine Tankscape system incorporates seven instruments for confined space and cargo monitoring and inert gases into one instrument and allows up to five gases to be measured and displayed at the same time.

Marine Tankscape can detect Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulphine, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide levels. The hydrocarbon range, which uses the latest infrared technology for inerting and purging operations, can be calibrated with Butane, Propane or Methane gases.

Martek Marine director Steve Coulson said:

“The tragic deaths this week of five Indian seafarers aboard the LNG tanker MV Maharshi Krishnatreya, apparently due to asphyxiation by poisonous gases, sadly highlights the importance of robust gas detection systems. Marine Tankscape has been designed after extensive consultation with shipowners, ship managers and shipping personnel and have come up with a product which is versatile and simple to use. By using infrared technology, the system is able to take accurate readings from the atmosphere within the tanks.”

The Marine Tankscape also comes complete with an impressive and practical suite of application software. The bespoke software not only allows simple on-board calibration, but crucially provides the ability to print calibration certificates. In addition, complete data-logging software comes as standard allowing logged gas readings, with vessel locations, to be uploaded to a PC.

The system has ATEX and MED approval.

Founded in 2000, Martek Marine provides equipment and services designed to enable the shipping and offshore sector to meet the latest environmental and safety regulatory standards. The company provides world beating systems for BNWAS, engine emissions monitoring, gas detection, water level detection, and cargo tank monitoring. The company also supplies a specialist marine defibrillator. Martek provides an extensive system servicing and system spares service for customers.

Martek Marine is headquartered in the UK (Rotherham) and has regional offices in the USA and Singapore as well as 44 office strong global network of sales and services offices.


Marine Tankscape specifications
Measuring Ranges

• 0 to 100% LEL (Infrared)
• 0 to 100% Volume Gas (Infrared)
• 0 to 25% Oxygen (O2)
• 0 to 100ppm Hydrogen Sulphine (H2S)
• 0 to 20% Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Infrared
• 0 to 1000 ppm Carbon Monoxide (CO)

• LCD with backlighting

• LEL – 0 to 100% – 1%

Vol Gas
• – 0 to 100% – 1%

• – 0 to 21% – 0.1%
• 21 to 25% – 1%

• – 0 to 100ppm – 1ppm

Carbon Dioxide
• – 0 to 5% – 0.1%
• 5 to 20% – 0.5%

Carbon Monoxide
• – 0 to 1000ppm – 1ppm

• Highly visible flashing LED’s on display panel. Sounder in excess of 80dB(A), typically 85dB(A) @12in.

Sampling System
• Integral pump with flow fall sensor. Sample path is protected by a hydrophobic filter and automatic pump switch-off.

Physical Properties
• 1.35 kg (3.0 lbs)

• 180mm (7.1in) x 95mm (3.7in) x 100mm (3.9in)

Construction / Protection Rating
• Moulded polypropylene case protected to IP54

Power Supply
• 2 Alkaline Cells or 2 Rechargeable Cells

Battery Life
• 2 x Alkaline 20 Hrs
• 2 x Rechargeable 8 Hrs

Temperature Limits
• -20C to +50C (-4F to 122F)
• 0 to 100% R.H. non-condensing

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