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John Lang’s “Titanic”: simply different!

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It is not just the plethora of books and the reasons for writing about the “Titanic”, whose name only encompasses the gigantic, the immense, conversely the effort was titanic so to speak for John Lang to bring forward another side until now totally ignored and or avoided (?) and help us understand how disasters can happen not only 100 years ago but less than a year ago with the knocking and shocking “Costa Concordia’s” accident on the eve of the “Titanic’s” centenary!

I guess the background, patience and boldness of John Lang in tackling complex issues all through his career*, enabled him use his experiences, particularly those during his tenure at the MAIB, and present us with this masterpiece.

I had the chance in meeting him prior to his superb speech during the Twelfth Cadwalladers’ Symposium and dinner earlier this week organised by the London Shipping Law Centre on the subject: “From Titanic to Concordia: The Achilles Heel of Passenger Ships” and share his strong views about how an investigation should be conducted to achieve the most effective results for the benefit of all, particularly where human life is involved.

I have read his book the same night and now I am studying same; one thing is certain: fascination and pragmatism! I wish to stop here and invite you to acquire this book and send us your comments. Our site intents to hold a debate based on this book as well as on the Cadwallader’s event deliberations. No more accidents should be “allowed” to happen if we timely short out the underlying factors and focus only on the subject matter after reaching the causa proxima factor of any accident. Enjoy the read!

*John Lang is a British seafarer who has served both the merchant service and the Royal Navy. In a naval career spanning 33 years he commanded two submarines and a frigate. He retired from the Navy in the rank of Rear Admiral in 1995 and was appointed head of UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch  (MAIB) two years later. He finally  retired in 2002.





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