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Shipping Markets: Optimism, Reality and Caution – …and Greek politics

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John Faraclas’ live interview to Panos Thomakos at SBC TV last Friday 30th of November 2012 tackled the following issues:

  1. The downward markets – wet and dry,  and the  continuous stagnation of China still affecting the chartering, and sales and purchase markets; the biggest problem being that of overcapacity and lack of eco-ships.-
  2. The effect of the new Panama Canal and how things will be after 2014.- Panamaxes will be different all together….
  3. The Markets, the stagnation of the BDI close to 1, 000 points (1, 086). The intrusion of fraudsters and their cronies including brokers who try to lift the markets!
  4. The New World Order and the Russian factor in trade, energy and shipping. The break up with the ex-southern Soviet  Democracies…
  5. The 500 years cycle which many opt to ignore…      It is evident that the world economy has collapsed as a result of this cycle. The new means of propulsion.
  6. The still expected Indian development and advance in the markets.
  7. A reminder of Middle East and its periphery  problems which will greatly affect shipping alike the 1967 closing of the Suez Canal and its repercussions for the shipping markets…
  8. The continuous European recession. The Greek issue.
  9. The reallocation of the markets, cargoes and fleets. The issue of National Fleets.
  10. The effect of climate in the markets. Piracy, Terrorism, Safety and Security.
  11. The short term market – the three years ahead. The 2, 000 BDI points expectation… or the deep even below the 500 on th BDI. all “options” for the market are open…
  12. The effect of the listed companies and the fall of their share price – comparisons.
  13. The visit of the Greek Minister of Shipping,  Maritime affairs and the Aegean in London, the meeting of the minister at  the IMO and his participation in The International Maritime Prize awarded to Admiral Mitropoulos, former Secretary-General of this Organization; his meeting with his counterpart Stephen Hammond; his meeting with the Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee. The importance of this visit as the Greek Minister of Shipping is the “Prime Minister” for all shipping ministers worldwide,  due to the fact that Greece controls over 20 centum of the world fleet. The environment issue as well as that of Piracy and Safety.

As usual there will be a translation into English and viewers can log on here to listen:

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