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Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS Selects the Dual Globe iFusion Solution for Its Fleet

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Dave Kagan

Palm Bay, Florida, USA (1 Dec 2012): Globe Wireless, a leading provider of communications, operational and IT solutions to the maritime industry, today announced Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS has selected the Dual Globe iFusion® system as the communication solution for both SKS Tankers Holding AS and KGJS Cement Holding AS.

The Dual Globe iFusion® solution provides full featured redundancy and reliability for vessels.  The dual terminal FleetBroadband configuration allows one Globe iFusion® terminal to act as the primary communication system with the secondary Globe iFusion® terminal acting as a backup.  All external voice and data communications are controlled by the primary Globe iFusion®.  If any connection loss is detected on the primary Globe iFusion® antenna the secondary terminal antenna is used automatically for all services.  The secondary terminal also serves as a backup and can become the primary Globe iFusion® terminal in an extremely unlikely event of primary terminal hardware failure.  The Dual Globe iFusion® solution when combined with a VSAT terminal results in superior redundancy and satellite coverage delivering near 99.99% uptime.

Globe Wireless was selected by KG Jebsen as a result of Globe’s existing relationship and strong reputation as a leading maritime communications solutions provider along with being an innovator within the maritime industry.  Both Globe Wireless and KG Jebsen worked hand and hand with each other to develop and evaluate KG Jebsens’ specific requirements and communication systems to best match their needs.  This partnership means that all of Globe’s customers can benefit from a Dual Globe iFusion® configuration.

Globe iFusion Antenna and Terminal

KG JEBSEN Spokes Person “Globe Wireless has been working with us, not as a supplier, but as a partner throughout this time and has demonstrated exceptional commitment and flexibility in offering us a satellite communications solution that satisfies our evolving needs.  They were open to our ideas and had many of their own to offer.  Globe Wireless’ Dual Globe iFusion® solution will ensure that there is reliable, high quality broadband communications between our vessels and offices ashore.  In addition, Globe Wireless is meeting our bandwidth needs, along with providing a complete turnkey solution including logistics, equipment, service, support and applications.  This level of support enables us to focus on our business at a more efficient level reducing our operational costs.”

Dave Kagan, President of Globe Wireless commented, “Our customers know that we stand for quality and innovation in a rapidly changing communications environment.  Our products and services are used worldwide and at the most critical point of a business – communications.  I am very pleased with the success of the Dual Globe iFusion rollout.  The level and functionality and ease of installation of Globe iFusion® is far superior to what stand alone terminals can offer.  We are proud to have KG Jebsen, one of the leading shipping companies in the world, using Globe iFusion® as their primary communication system.”

About Globe Wireless

Globe Wireless is a leading provider of total solutions in the field of communications, operational and IT solutions to the maritime industry. Globe serves over 550 ship operators with over 8, 000 ships using their products and services.  For over 20 years Globe Wireless has been providing reliable voice and data communications to the maritime industry.  Globe fuses their satellite and IT skills with a deep rooted knowledge of the maritime industry to provide the service, applications and support you need. Globe designs, builds, sells, installs, supports and services all of their products and solutions that they offer.  Globe Wireless provides excellence in every aspect of their solutions; and ensures satisfaction at every stage of their service, from pre-sales coordination, through professional worldwide “Touch-the-Ship” installation and service, comprehensive training, simplified invoicing and direct 24 x 7 customer support. Globe has offices in 12 countries around the world providing technical support in local time zones and languages www.globewireless.com.

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