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MOL Woodchip Carrier Rescues a Yacht Skipper

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MOLTOKYO—Mitsui  O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Koichi Muto) today announced that its owned  and operated woodchip carrier Global  Explorer rescued the skipper of a yacht Makalii that wrecked near the Line  Islands, 1, 500km south of the Hawaii Islands.

The Global Explorer was under way from Coronel, Chile, to Iyomishima in Ehime  Prefecture, Japan,   at dawn on December 3 when it received a request for assistance from the U.S.  Coast Guard in Honolulu.

The  ship rushed to the site, arriving in the area that evening, and began searching.  Despite the darkness and heavy seas, the ship searched for nine hours before  rescuing the stranded yachtsman. The size of the large-scale woodchip carrier  made the effort all the more difficult, as it is very challenging to maneuver in  extreme weather conditions, but the rescue was accomplished safely thanks to the  training and judgment of the Global  Explorer’s officers and crew.

Outline  of Global  Explorer: Gross  Tonnage: 47, 407 MT; Length: 209.99m; Seafarers: 21 Filipinos

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